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Austin comic responds to Daniel Tosh's rape jokes

In a breathless, winding address, Your Terrific Neighbors and The Hustle Show member Curtis Luciani envisioned a world where the tables are turned and women make up the majority of comics. But even if it were the other way around, he's clear: "Your job as a comedian is to take us through pain, transcend pain, transform pain. And if you don't get that, you are a fucking bully..."

Hipstercrite names the next hipster cities in the U.S.

Hisptercrite Lauren Modery detailed the new hipster cities of America. Vying to match Austin's hipster cred, from mustache to farmers markets, the contenders included Chattanooga, Tennessee; Asheville, North Carolina; Burlington, Vermont and Detroit, Michigan. 

Austin icon Leslie nears death after brain surgery

The city's famed transient, Leslie Cochran, whose claim to fame was his bold, cross-dressed strut down Sixth Street, was rendered comatose after undergoing his fourth brain surgery in three years. Cochran later died in hospice. He was 60.

Dave Chapelle performs suprise, bizarre set at Paramount

In June, a strange amalgamation of an underperforming Chappelle (who announced the one-night-only show less than 24 hours before going on stage), an out of control and heckling crowd and a bewildered staff at the Paramount led to a not-quite-disappointing, but definitely not normal showing from the popular comic.

The 12 best burgers in Austin

To celebrate National Hamburger Day (yes, it's a thing!), CultureMap food writer Layne Lynch combed the city for its best sides of beef and came back with a comprehensive list of the city's best burgers, including efforts from Hopdoddy's, 24 Diner and Shady Grove. 

Face-eating 'zombie' found in Miami

After a naked man in Miami was found literally eating the face off another man, the web was abuzz with proclamations of the coming zombie apocalypse. Not quite, it turns out: bath salts, like the kind you can get at Bath and Body works, appear to have been the true culprit. 

H&M finally comes to Austin

The European mega-retailer, after months of speculation, opened a 24,000-square-foot store at The Domain this fall. The store has a cult-like following — especially considering it doesn't have an online store for its U.S. customers. 

Bikinis, Texas is born

A strange chain of events unfolded leading to the founding of this actual town by Bikinis franchise owner Doug Guller. He bought the town, 10 miles south of Fredericksburg, off Craigslist. It will become, as Guller puts it, "a world-class destination." 

Austin loses mentor Esme Barrera

Casis Elementary School teacher and Girls Band Camp mentor Esme Barrera was found dead in her Austin home on New Year's Day. The news shocked Austin's indie music scene, of which Barrera was a staple member.

Formula 1's giant downtown parties take shape

To dispel some of the rumors floating around about what exactly the entertainment value of Formula 1's inaugural race in Austin, CultureMap broke it down, detailing the forthcoming Fan Fest and Experience Austin events.