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Exclusive Video

Chris Harrison takes break from Bachelor for art appreciation in Austin

By Jennifer Chininis

CultureMap society reporter Diana Oates recently chatted with many of the all-star honorees of the Texas Medal of Arts Awards. She interviewed everyone from esteemed journalist Dan R ...

Lady Killers

Who slings the most mud at Sean Lowe? Take our Bachelor women-tell-all quiz and find out!

By Jennifer Chininis

Yes, it’s true. Even the women-tell-all episode of The Bachelor is two hours long. First we have to travel with Sean and host Chris Harrison as they crash Bachelor-watching parties. Not s ...

Can't Control Love

Sean Lowe does the unthinkable when The Bachelor heads to Thailand

By Jennifer Chininis

Oh these two-hour shows. How many times must we hear Lindsay say amazing? Or that she’s scared to tell Sean she loves him? Or what about AshLee and her fear of abandonment? Note to produc ...

Got Milk?

Goats aren't the only ones misbehaving when The Bachelor goes to Montana

By Jennifer Chininis

By the end of episode five, Sean’s eternal optimism has taken a hit. Going into the rose ceremony, he admits his disappointment and apprehension to host Chris Harrison. “Nights like ton ...

Someone call 911

The Bachelor gets physical, but the girls roll with the punches

By Jennifer Chininis

When Leslie breaks down in tears because she doesn’t get the first one-on-one date with Sean, it’s a premonition of things to come. Turns out she does get some alone time with her &ldqu ...

Beach Babies

Girls make waves — and fall down the stairs — on The Bachelor bikini fest

By Jennifer Chininis

Episode three starts with the obligatory working-out scene, so we can get an eyeful of a shirtless Sean. But just wait, ladies. There is more shirtlessness to be had, at the beach, the site of the ...

Looking for Love, round 1

Fifty shades of cray, bridal gowns & Houston back flips steal the show on The Bachelor premiere

By Jennifer Chininis

Drama, drama, drama. Isn’t that why we love The Bachelor? The cat fights. The meltdowns. The catty comments. The tears. Predictably, this is how this Bachelor starts — with a montage of ...

Television's First Look

Boob-tube talk: Everything you wanted to know about the NBC, ABC, FOX and CW network upfronts

By Minh Vu

During the third week of May each year, television network executives scramble to put together a perfect fall programming schedule that they then unveil to advertisers, marketers and press during t ...

Float On

The River waters have been tested, and we like what found-footage we see

By Austin Sanders

Thursday night at Alamo’s South Lamar location, ABC hosted a pre-screening of their upcoming found-footage horror series, The River, an experimental TV concept helmed by found-footage in ...

The Cancellation Axe Swings

Network television’s fall casualties and survivors: Cancelled and renewed TV shows

By Minh Vu

There are many different television viewing tactics that can be employed when it comes to choosing which new TV series to devote your time to. Some diehard television enthusiasts choose to watch al ...

13 Results. Showing to
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