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Anarchy Championship Wrestling: Peace, Love and Anarchy

The Mohawk

Despite the show's title and the laid-back date it happens to fall on, don't expect a lot of hugs and chillaxed attitudes when the top indie wrestlers in Texas and the U.S. square off in th

Anarchy Championship Wrestling: An Absence of Law 2014

The Mohawk

Anarchy Championship Wrestling is back at the Mohawk promising a matchup never seen before, as hardcore legend Masada takes on Austin's own Paul London for their first match ever against each o

Anarchy Championship Wrestling Presents: Guilty by Association 8

The Mohawk

Anarchy Championship Wrestling is ready to begin 2014 with its flagship event of the year, Guilty by Association. Grudges and blood feuds will come down to an evening of matches pitting some of the

Anarchy Championship Wrestling: Delusions of Our Childish Days 2013

The Mohawk

Don we now our wrestling trunks, singlets and apparel. Anarchy Championship Wrestling wants to help ring in the holiday spirit with their own Christmas celebration, mostly consisting of punches, ki

Anarchy Championship Wrestling: Beyond Good and Evil 2013

The Mohawk

Things will get a whole lot less good and a bit more evil at The Mohawk for ACW when war and grudges rage on. Featuring a Championship vs. Championship match between ACW Heavyweight Champ Evan Geli

Anarchy Championship Wrestling: The Evolution of the Revolution 2013

The Mohawk

Wrestling returns to the Mohawk with an afternoon and evening full of true nonstop action, featuring stars such as "Showtime" Scot Summers, Matthew Palmer, Ricky Starks, Davey Vega, and J

Anarchy Championship Wrestling: Distrust, Dismay & Antisocial Behavior 2013

The Mohawk

Austin's very own Anarchy Championship Wrestling returns to Mohawk for a little bit of some Distrust, Dismay and Antisocial Behavior. The biggest rising stars in Texas wrestling return for some

Anarchy Championship Wrestling Presents the Queen of Queens Tournament 2013

The Mohawk

Normally held in San Antonio, ACW will bring one of its premier events to Austin to crown the next Queen of Queens. Some of the best women in wrestling from across the country will battle agai

Weekend Roundup

Welcome the weekend heat with arts, crafts, music and rasslin

By Ryan Lakich

We all hoped it could be delayed a bit longer, but the heat of summer has finally crept over our town. Sorry to break it to you folks, but summer's nearly here and we have to prepare ourselves ...

Anarchy Championship Wrestling Presents "Nothing is as Real as a Dream" Wrestling Prom

The Mohawk

Austin's own indie wrestling promotion takes you back for one night of nostalgia with tuxedoes, evening gowns, and spiked punch, but with a little more ass-kicking. One of ACW's flagsh

27 Results. Showing to
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Refine By:   Events (23)   Lists (0)   News (4)   Places (0)

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