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Art City Austin 2014

2nd Street District

An iconic festival that takes over the center of downtown Austin, Art City Austin is a celebration of the fantastic art, culture and creativity that calls this city home. The outdoor fair will feat

Austin's Best Charities

Get involved: A guide to Austin's best philanthropic organizations

By Madeleine McCaleb

Austin is frequently ranked as a top city for young professionals. With top-tier universities, a thriving workforce, and a downtown that perfectly balances the finer things in life with laid-back, ...

11th Annual Art Night Austin

Scottish Rite Theater

Presented by Art Alliance Austin, Art Night Austin looks to offer a new twist on the popular annual event and will include a curated, multi-disciplinary experience spanning two locations: Women &am

Come and Create

Austinites gather downtown for Art City Austin's block party celebration

By Arden Ward

On April 13 and 14, Austinites gathered in downtown's 2nd Street District for a two-day celebration of the Capital City's diverse art scene. Hosted by Art Alliance Austin, Art City Austin b ...

Artistic Endeavors

Art City Austin celebrates local art scene with weekend fest and block party

By Ryan Lakich

Austin loves its artists, and artists love Austin. Locals can see just how cozy this love affair is when Art Alliance Austin hosts the Art City Austin festival this weekend. Actually, festival migh ...

Art City Austin Festival

This weekend-long festival celebrates art, culture, and creativity and takes over the 2nd Street District with art from both nationally recognized and local artists. Plenty of food trailer fare, be

coming soon

Art Night Austin: Multi-venue fundraiser for public art champion Art Alliance Austin

By Shelley Seale

Art lovers, mark your calendars for Saturday, February 23: It's Art Night Austin, one of the city's most beloved high-energy, multi-venue events that showcases a diverse selection of art, m ...

Main Street USA

Downtown Austin Alliance invites you to reimagine Congress Ave. at this weekend's PlazaLife

By Michael Graupmann

Have you ever wondered why Austin's downtown isn't the central hub of activity in the city? Why there aren't more people living and playing downtown, and its most popular destination is ...

Community Art

Celebrating local artists with a block party for the whole family at Art City Austin

By Alicia Vega


artistic fusion

Art City Austin turns areas of downtown into massive block party and art celebration

By Alicia Vega

Saturday and Sunday, Art Alliance Austin fused together an art festival and community block party under the name Art City Austin. ...

16 Results. Showing to
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Refine By:   Events (5)   Lists (0)   News (11)   Places (0)

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