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LuckyChaos Theater Presents The Reset Project

Salvage Vanguard Theater

What if you could take a moment in your life and reset it? LuckyChaos Theater presents that question in a production directed by Asaf Ronen, featuring eight improvisational actors over the age of 4

Improv Experts

More fake guns and wigs than any other theater: The Institution prepares for a grand opening

By Michael Graupmann

Stepping into the front door of The Institution Theater, you might not realize this is the home of one of the most prominent improv comedy houses in Austin. There's a couch, a collapsible table ...

Institution Theatre Grand Opening: The Five Families

The Institution Theater

After 3 years of operation teaching improv in Austin, The Institution Theater presents a grand opening of their new space in South Austin with three days of blowout showcases. Grand Opening Fes

The Insitution Theatre presents: The Best of Everything - "Best SNL Season"

The Highball

THE BEST OF EVERYTHING will scour the streets of New York and annals of comedy to decide which era contained the Best SNL Cast Ever. So, dodge the landshark, call up the Coneheads, drive through Mr

The Idea Guy

The Improv Philosopher: Asaf Ronen’s Spirited approach to theater

By Michael Graupmann

Asaf Ronen has some new ideas for a show. In fact, he’s got about ten stewing in his brain, waiting to be realized on a stage. Some are too large for one person to direct. Some require a ...

Spiritied: Improvised Dreamscapes

The Hideout Theatre

One young girl’s dreamscape journey into an abstract world of delight and terror, a world of strange creatures and surreal journeys, Spirited portrays a unique improvised landscape. The p

The Insitution Theatre

A school and showcase for acting and comedy

3708 Woodbury Drive
Austin, TX 78704

The Insitution Theatre presents: The Best of Everything - "Best Superhero"

The Highball

THE BEST OF EVERYTHING has gathered the smartest, funniest, and possibly most geeky minds to clash in vocal combat over the most important debates of our time: Best Rock N’ Roll Frontman, Bes

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Refine By:   Events (5)   Lists (0)   News (2)   Places (1)
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