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New Plan for Astrodome

Astrodome could be transformed into the world's biggest indoor park

By Clifford Pugh

With rolls of Astroturf lying on carts and seats scattered about like pieces of a jigsaw puzzle, the Astrodome has obviously seen better days. But standing in the middle of the concrete floor of th ...

Will 8th Wonder of the World Survive?

Astrodome deemed officially historic, but Texas landmark's future remains up in the air

By Elizabeth Rhodes

The fabled Houston Astrodome has just been added to the National Register of Historic Places, but its fate remains up in the air. The designation by the National Park Service, which o ...

Astrodome Saved

The Astrodome is saved? A first look at a $194 million reimagined Dome

By Whitney Radley

If the future of the Astrodome has been keeping you up at night, you'll rest easy knowing that a major step was taken in favor of preservation at a board meeting on Wednesday afternoon: The Har ...

Beyond the Boxscore

The Astrodome needs to be blown up to make way for Houston's future Super (Bowl) visions

By Chris Baldwin

The old Yankee Stadium — the House that Ruth Built no less — started to get torn down almost as soon as the new one was safely up. The Astrodome still stands, a rotting giant in a v ...

November 2013 ballot?

Astrodome crumbles while Commissioners Court fumbles: Vote on landmark's future likely delayed

By Whitney Radley

Despite the abundance of solutions recently posed for the future of the Astrodome, the blighted building's fate will likely not be decided by Houston voters in the upcoming November election.&n ...

The eighth wonder

Study on decaying Astrodome's future presents the prospect of a Texas-hosted Superbowl

By Tyler Rudick

Oh, Astrodome . . . what are we to do? The results of a $500,000 study to determine the future of the decaying Texas landmark were presented this week to directors of the Harris County Sports a ...

Betting big

Coming up snake-eyes: Turning the Astrodome into the Astrocasino?

By Sarah Rufca

What's going to become of the beleaguered Astrodome? That was the question facing Harris County Judge Ed Emmett Wednesday morning. Emmett discussed some of the possibilities for the histori ...

Tax dollars wasted

The Astrodome falls apart: Neglect and denial without taxpayer accountability

By Cynthia Neely

The Houston Astrodome, the home of many fond sports memories, is falling apart and no one is doing anything to fix it — or knock it down. It simply sits there, slowly deteriorating, as millio ...

8 Results. Showing to
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