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The Road To Dallas

Phony Duke is dead, but this NCAA sleeper infuriates a major college football coach

By Chris Baldwin

SAN ANTONIO — It's hard to imagine any NCAA Tournament game garnering less attention than Baylor University's ugly 74-60 dispatching of Nebraska. After all, Duke and its bully coach M ...

Trey's Picks

Thoughts of the week: The Big Dance and who will rise to the top

By Trey McLean

There are four things I love when it comes to sports: Any time the Texas Longhorns play The start of the college football season The college bowl season The NCAA Tournamen ...

trey's picks

College football thoughts of the week: The winners of recruiting season

By Trey McLean

Around the college sports world: Dennis Erickson was hired by Utah as the Cpo-Offensive Coordinator. Erickson, 65, comes out of retirement to help ignite a terrible Utes offense. Terrific h ...

welcome to the big 12

Get to know your opponent: What we know about WVU and some life saving tips for the Mountaineers

By Trey McLean

College football is rapidly approaching and a lot of things have happened since Alabama beat LSU in the National Title game in January. Most of the headlines have been dominated by the horrific-nes ...

Texas Longhorns Football vs. Iowa State Cyclones Football

Darrell K Royal - Texas Memorial Stadium

The Texas Longhorns come off a huge win at Texas Tech and work toward improving their bowl standing. The Horns take on the Iowa State Cyclones at Darrel K. Royal Stadium.


College football playoffs? Longhorns willing to share? Hell freezes over.

By Kevin Benz

Pigs are sprouting wings in Kansas City, Missouri — they’ll be flying in no time. Lucifer was caught by paparazzi at a Chicago-land REI store getting fitted for a parka and snowshoes. ...

The new Big 12

Big 12 football schedule released: The Texas Longhorns bring TCU and West Virginia to Austin

By Kevin Benz

The Big 12 newbies, the TCU Horned Frogs and the West Virginia Mountaineers, will travel to Austin this fall and add strength to Texas' revamped home football schedule, as the Big 12 conference ...

Longhorns crushed

Case closed, Ashes to ashes: Robert Griffin III and Baylor embarrass the Longhorns, Texas needs a bowl game

By Kevin Benz

And things started so well. I was ready to take it all back, my criticism of the offense, the quarterbacks, everything. And then the second half started. Robert Griffin III, Baylor’s ...

Aggies start over

Aggies start over: Mike Sherman out after loss to Longhorns

By Kevin Benz

Lose to Texas, lose your job. It’s not enough for the Aggies to leave the Big 12 and get their asses kicked in the SEC (yes, it’s a tougher league right now). No, the Aggies masochi ...

Tradition Begone

Goodbye to Texas University and to A&M: A memorial

By Whitney Radley

For 118 years, the University of Texas vs. Texas A&M University football rivalry has been dividing households and conquering Thanksgiving meals across the Lone Star State. I have had a personal ...

16 Results. Showing to
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Refine By:   Events (1)   Lists (0)   News (15)   Places (0)

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