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Johnny Football Gets Help

Infamous party boy and Aggie star Johnny Manziel goes to rehab

By Jonathan Rienstra

It appears Johnny Manziel's party-boy ways have finally caught up to him. The Cleveland Browns quarterback and former Heisman winner entered a treatment facility last Wednesday. The move was an ...

Another Manziel Mess

Drinks fly at Johnny Manziel during night out at Houston club

By Elizabeth Rhodes

As if Johnny Manziel isn't getting enough attention for partying hard — at the very start of the offseason, to boot — he reportedly became engaged in a situation that ...

Jersey Boys

Johnny Manziel is merchandise king: Leads NFL in jersey sales

By Barbara Kuntz

Looks like Johnny Manziel's famous "show me the money" gesture can be at least partially justified: The Cleveland Browns rookie quarterback is the NFL's reigning merchandise king. ...

They Did What?

3 losers of the NFL draft

By Trey McLean

It’s such a gamble, the NFL Draft. You never know how someone will respond to money, fame, adversity, publicity, etc. NFL teams take great care to ensure they get the right people that fit th ...

Giving Thanks

A wing and a prayer: Give thanks to the Dallas Cowboys for making football a Thanksgiving tradition

By Matthew Postins

Thanksgiving Day is a day for gratitude and watching football. The Dallas Cowboys, to some degree, have assured the two go hand in hand. The Cowboys did not start the NFL tradition of playing o ...

The Winning Formula

If the Cowboys can cut down the turnovers, they might have a shot at a winning streak

By Matthew Postins

Four times this season, the Dallas Cowboys have given their fans hope. Three times, the Cowboys have followed up hope with a thud. Part of the reason the Cowboys sit at 4-5 after nine games is ...

How 'bout them cowboys?

Cowboys game changers: Felix on fire, solid-as-a-rock Dez and turnover domination

By Claire St. Amant

Any self-respecting Dallas Cowboys fan said that going into Sunday's game, the boys in blue were a much different 3-5 NFC East team than the Philadelphia Eagles. Happily, Dallas proved more tha ...

The NFL draft

Colt McCoy trades up? After another Cleveland NFL indignity, Packers, Cowboys and Eagles look pretty good

By Kevin Benz

Colt McCoy deserves better, and that's just what he might get. Last season the former Texas Longhorn star QB — the kid that took the team to the brink of another National Championship ...

Beyond the Boxscore

Houston and Super Bowl in the same sentence? The Texans prove to be elite

By Chris Baldwin

Maybe it happened when Ben Tate shrugged off the Cleveland Browns on a 27-yard touchdown run of pure power. Maybe it happened when Antonio Smith turned Cleveland's first offensive play into a t ...

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