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Dec 20 7:30 PM
Doc Nights features new documentaries. November 1 and 5: In Transit - The final film from documentary legend Albert Maysles  takes a lyrical ride across the country with the passengers of ...
Jul 10 7:00 PM
An intimate portrait of photographer Bert Stern, who introduced art photography to American advertising and took some of the iconic photos of Marilyn Monroe and other celebrities.
Feb 13 7:00 PM
A comprehensive examination of the life and times of three-time mayor of New York City, Ed Koch, beloved by some, berated by others, but never boring.
Aug 22 7:00 PM
Beginning in the 1970s, Marina Abramovic changed the art world forever with her provocative, physically demanding, body-centric, and sometimes life-threatening performance pieces. Chronicling the preparation for her 2010 performance retrospective ...
Apr 4 7:00 PM
While wrestling with questions about her father’s suicide, her brother’s depression, and the unfathomable horrors of war and religious hatred, filmmaker Julia Haslett ran across a sentence written ...