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Cult of Corridos

Director Shaul Schwarz talks the Juarez drug war in new film, Narco Cultura

By Ryan Lakich

There was a steady parade of unique and exciting programming at Fantastic Fest 2013. There were kung fu extravaganzas, the directorial debut of a famous Hollywood actor and an intense, Hitchcockian ...

Hitchcock Symphony

Elijah Wood and director Eugenio Mira discuss the intensity and intricacy of Grand Piano

By Ryan Lakich

While Fantastic Fest does favor films of the horror or science-fiction variety, it does celebrate films of all genres. For example, in the market for high-concept thriller with the look and feel of ...

Kickin' It With Keanu

Keanu Reeves and star Tiger Chen kick off Man of Tai Chi at Fantastic Fest

By Ryan Lakich

The first weekend of Fantastic Fest 2013 has been a whirlwind of excitement and buzz around the strangest, most intense films you won’t find at Sundance — which is a good thing. Now in ...

Machete Kills Again

Robert Rodriguez cuts up about new Mexploitation film Machete Kills

By Ryan Lakich

Fantastic Fest, the wildly popular local film festival devoted solely to genre film oddities, takes over at the Alamo Drafthouse on Lakeline for the next week. The quirky fest has seen explosive gr ...

Tim League

Alamo Drafthouse founder discusses revolutionizing entertainment and making people happy

By Ryan Lakich

In 1997, the first Alamo Drafthouse opened in downtown Austin on Colorado Street, and Founder and CEO Tim League has been revolutionizing entertainment — in Austin and beyond — ever sin ...

conference prep

Austin makes waves as Texas' film festival city

By Marcelena Mayhorn

  Austin is known for many things: breakfast tacos, live music, cold beer and good hospitality.  For decades, music has been the city's first-born and favorite, catering to local ...

Fantastic Fest 2012

Fantastic Fest Awards: Demons, children playing war and American haunted houses

By Austin Sanders

The 2012 Fantastic Fest held its award ceremony Monday night, marking the horror and sci-fi festival's halfway point. Copious amounts of drinks were drunk, the coveted awards were given out, an ...

Fantastic Fest 2012

The creators of Exorcist in the 21st Century discuss exorcism and Catholicism in modern society

By Austin Sanders

Exorcist in the 21st Century is a documentary about exorcism. Not a mockumentary, not a fictionalized account “based on a true story.” It is an honest look at the modern practice of exo ...

movie hounds

Fantastic Fest begins: A bitchin' time for dogs and humans alike at Frankenweenie premiere

By Austin Sanders

Thursday night, Alamo Drafthouse kicked off its eighth annual Fantastic Fest — a celebration of films horrific, mind-bending and proudly bizarre — with the premiere of Tim Burton&r ...

Weekend Roundup

Horrors, homos and hullabaloo: A Fantastic weekend full of PRIDE for Texas' many festivals

By Michael Graupmann

The temperature is dipping down, heralding the arrival of Austin's beloved Festival Season: that time of year where portions of our city get infiltrated by enchanted out-of-towners from far and ...

59 Results. Showing to
Page 1 of 6
Refine By:   Events (12)   Lists (0)   News (47)   Places (0)
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