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Wardrobe change

Hipster and preppy unite: Criquet shirts combine the best of both worlds

By Megan Runser

Ah, the misunderstood polo shirt. A staple among the likes of golfers and Caddyshack theme party-goers, the polo shirt is often perceived as the lowest common denominator of a 'business casual& ...

Worlds Collide

When sports and celebrity collide: Romo-related Chace Crawford spotted with Erin Andrews

By Whitney Radley

Who's the newest unlikely celebrity couple? According to Us Weekly, it's actor Chace Crawford and sportscaster Erin Andrews.  The two have recently been spotted together at pa ...

Television's First Look

Boob-tube talk: Everything you wanted to know about the NBC, ABC, FOX and CW network upfronts

By Minh Vu

During the third week of May each year, television network executives scramble to put together a perfect fall programming schedule that they then unveil to advertisers, marketers and press during t ...

Prequels Galore

Carrie Bradshaw goes to high school while Hannibal Lecter works with a detective in new prequels

By Minh Vu

Sex and the City. It’s the gift that keeps on giving…sort of. The series officially ended back in 2004 but, after six seasons, two movies and syndication deals on multiple networks, it ...

Why wait for cooler weather?

Change is in the air: Get a whiff of fall with these 7 sweet-smelling new fragrances

By Kendall Knaus

When it comes to fall fashion, Austin's hundred degree temperatures force us Lone Star gals to think outside the box. No donning cashmere or suede just yet! Accessories are the way to go un ...

5 Results. Showing to
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