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Drunk Stars at Golden Globes

Drunk stars galore (and one gentleman Leo) prevail at sloshy Golden Globes

By Joe Leydon

I have to ask: Was Leonardo DiCaprio the only major star not inebriated at the 71st annual Golden Globe Awards? Don’t get me wrong: I’m not so prudish as to deny that the party ...

All About Oscar

The Butler didn't do it: Golden Globe nominations set off Oscar predictions

By Joe Leydon

The Golden Globe nominations were announced early Thursday, and you know what that means, right? No, not that snobbish film critics will start making jokes about the taste and intelligence of H ...

A conversation with AFF

Brian Helgeland, writer and director of 42, on Mrs. Robinson and the creative process

By Deborah Toodle

After many years and a handful of producers, the legendary story of Jackie Robinson is being told once again — this time on the big screen. 42 hit theaters this weekend thanks to America ...

The CultureMap Interview

Holocaust scholar Charlotte Decoster on Anne Frank and why she was anything but typical

By Claire St. Amant

Charlotte Decoster is a walking encyclopedia about Anne Frank. And it’s a good thing too, as she serves as the voiceover for Frank’s diary at the Dallas Holocaust Museum. Decoster, a na ...

Out in the News

Sexy news correspondent Anderson Cooper comes out and makes our dreams come true

By Michael Graupmann

Well, hallelujah, hell froze over, y'all. Anderson Cooper, the host of CNN's Anderson Cooper 360 and the less-noteworthy talk show, Anderson, has come out of the closet and confirmed wh ...

Hollywood Paychecks

Celebrity cash cows: Boring old Kristen Stewart is making way more than Meryl Streep

By Michael Graupmann

And now in news that will make you want to stab your eyes out: Forbes released their list of the top female moneymakers in the movie industry these days. And the number one earner last year was (sa ...

Hollywood Insider

Austin storyteller Owen Egerton to share his screenwriting secrets at next weekend's Craft to Career workshop

By Michael Graupmann

Ask novelist/screenwriter/performer Owen Egerton how he classifies what he does with his days and he will tell you he's, above all else, a storyteller. "I've always been a believer ...

Brave New Theater

Send in the Ghetto Klown: John Leguizamo on his way to Austin with new one-man show

By Michael Graupmann

He's played a drag queen, a prehistoric sloth, an Impressionist painter, a killer clown and a Shakespearean villain. With a 20+ year old film career that spans the full spectrum of movie genres ...

hipstercrite says

Being friends with an acquitted murderer (and B-list actor) is not easy

By Lauren Modery

I was once friends with an acquitted murderer-slash-B-list actor. He was a sad man, but I guess that shouldn't be surprising. The sort of man who spent Thanksgiving alone, eating a gro ...

Bum Steer of the Year

They just "had to" do it: Gov. Perry wins the granddaddy of dubious honors in newest Texas Monthly

By Karen Brooks Harper

They didn’t want to do it, they say. They had to.  Texas Monthly awards its famous “Bum Steer of the Year” award to Gov. Rick Perry when the January issue comes out next ...

13 Results. Showing to
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Refine By:   Events (0)   Lists (0)   News (13)   Places (0)
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