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Is It Instagram or Is It Art?

Austin artists take over Transgressor magazine Instagram

By Cindy Widner

Perhaps you've heard of Transgressor online magazine (do we call it an "online media source" now?). Perhaps you haven't. Either way, it seems hard not to agree that the idea o ...

Sneaky Web Surfers

Your teen is a master of digital deception, online sex a hot topic, survey says

By Claire St. Amant

If you've had a talk with your children about the dangers of the Internet, you probably felt like they were listening. A new McAfee survey says otherwise. The Internet security company found th ...

Oh snap!

Instagram takes to the web, rolling out new user profiles this week

By Arden Ward

This week, Instagram is sending a hip, snapshot-taking generation into an Internet frenzy by announcing its plan to add web-based profiles for users. "You’ve asked for Instagram on the w ...

Bored Users?

Facebook fatigue: The social network's problems could run deeper than the IPO

By Erin Schwarz

A poll from Reuters/Ispos casts more doubt on the value of Facebook's 900 million-plus users to advertisers and marketers, uncovering negative results in terms of advertising and time spen ...

photo filter

Facebook Camera for iPhone: A new photo sharing app to compete with Instagram

By Minh Vu

It wasn’t too long ago that Facebook acquired Instagram for $1 billion, but with recent news that the deal might take a little longer to close than expected, Facebook has rolled out its own p ...

Rocking The Fashion World

On thin ice: Vogue outlines vague new standards for hiring models with a "healthy body image"

By Whitney Radley

Vogue, the glossy editorial that is every woman's inspiration and scourge, has revamped its guidelines for selecting models.  Condé Nast pledges that, from Vogue's June ...

Runway to Reality

Getting connected: How social media is changing the fashion industry

By Merritt Beck

Knowing how to use social media is a skill everyone in business must possess these days. Being rather adept at social media myself, I had an easy time transitioning my personal use of it to a busin ...

7 Results. Showing to
Page 1 of 1
Refine By:   Events (0)   Lists (0)   News (7)   Places (0)

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