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French Independence

The top 6 ways to celebrate Bastille Day around Austin

By Layne Lynch

Tuesday, July 14, is Bastille Day, the French equivalent of July 4. In honor of French independence, a host of restaurants around town have prepared special food and drink menus with an assortment ...

Next in Line

Next in Line: Justine's Casey Wilcox waxes poetic on his creative path to the kitchen

By Veronica Meewes

Editor's note: As Austin continues to grow and thrive as a culinary epicenter, we’ve started to see certain big name chefs grow to demi-god celebrity status. But in kitchens, bars, a ...

Austinites Chat

How did I get here? (And why did I stay?): The White Horse's Denis O'Donnell answers

By Mikela Floyd

Since opening in 2011, The White Horse has established itself as Austin’s hipster honky-tonk — no doubt a mainstay on the calendar of any Eastsider in town. They might be less familiar ...

A McGuire World

Restaurateur Larry McGuire on Jeffrey's next chapter, celebrity chefs and what's over the horizon

By Layne Lynch

Few local restaurateurs draw as much attention as Larry McGuire of Perla's, Lambert's Downtown Barbecue, Clark's Oyster Bar, Elizabeth Street Cafe, Fresa's Chicken Al Carbon and, no ...

It's National Burger Day!

Austin's 12 best burgers and they're not where you think

By Layne Lynch

A Texas burger is a sight to behold: two buns enveloping a juicy patty, crisp lettuce, melted American cheese, thick mayonnaise, sliced red tomato and diced white onion methodically wrapped and pla ...

Food Rules

Chocolate, wine and pizza: Six lessons to learn from Italian food culture

By Adam Sparks

When I'm not pissing off readers from Dallas and Houston, my day job has me leading tours to Greece and Italy for academic and alumni groups. Traveling for work is not always as glamorous as it ...

Food + Technology

Say hello to Chefs Feed, a new chef-powered restaurant app that just launched in Austin

By Jessica Dupuy

Move over Yelp, there's a new "where to eat" app that is taking top dining cities in the country by storm. And in the spirit of SXSW kicking off this weekend, Chefs Feed makes its deb ...

VOLK: Russian New Year's at Justine's

Justine's Brasserie

Set designers and artists and performers are conspiring to turn Justine's into a Dr. Zhivago film set for one night, with snow machines and champagne towers and a black woods and white fur peep

Justine's Brasserie

A hidden East side gem

4710 East 5th Street
Austin, TX 78702

9 Results. Showing to
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