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Summer Cycling

A sampling of Austin bike shops: Different spokes for different folks

By Karen Brooks Harper

Summer’s in high gear and that means great things for bicycling: beautiful weather, low winds, fewer layers, more time off to ride and lots of daylight hours. It also means more trips to the ...

Hot Clicks

Top 5 stories this week: Worst travel destinations, Google Fiber, breastaurant wars & more

By Arden Ward

This was a buzz-worthy week for cultural news in Austin. From Huffington Post to Google and Lance Armstrong, the Capital City was in the national spotlight time after time. As you start your we ...

Lance's Tour of Lawsuits

Lance Armstrong sells Austin mansion to pay legal bills

By Ryan Lakich

It appears that Lance Armstrong’s tour of lawsuits and legal troubles is just beginning — and he is already starting to downsize. The disgraced cyclist, who was stripped of his seve ...

The Reckoning

Part I of the Oprah and Lance Armstrong interview: He admits to doping

By Aleksander Chan

Oprah didn’t waste any time in the opening act of her Lance Armstrong Confessional Theater. Less than a minute into the interview, she had Armstrong admit to the doping scheme that at this po ...

The hot seat

AP source: Armstrong confesses to Oprah in exclusive interview

By Jade Mingus / KVUE NEWS

KVUE -- A person familiar with the situation says Lance Armstrong confessed to Oprah Winfrey during an interview Monday that he used performance-enhancing drugs to win the Tour de France. The p ...

The hot seat

Oprah's heading to Austin for an exclusive 90-minute interview with Lance Armstrong

By Arden Ward

It's 2013, and the Lance Armstrong saga just won't quit. Apparently last week's New York Times postulation (thanks to an anonymous source) that Lance Armstrong might admit to using perf ...

Hot Clicks

Top 5 stories this week: Thai Noodle House remarks, the 2013 Bum Steer and more

By Arden Ward

Well, it looks like we all successfully survived the end of the world! As you recover from all that celebrating, and settle in for the chilly long weekend ahead, take a few minutes to review the to ...

drug wars

The closing chapter: Lance Armstrong severs all formal ties to Livestrong, tweets cheeky photo

By Caitlin M. Ryan

Lance Armstrong has voluntarily severed all formal ties with the Livestrong Foundation. On the heels of the doping investigation that resulted in the removal of Armstrong's seven Tour de France ...

Breaking News

Lance Armstrong officially stripped of his seven Tour de France titles

By Arden Ward

Less than a week after announcing that he would step down as the chairman of Livestrong, Lance Armstrong has officially been stripped of his seven Tour de France titles. On Monday morning, cycl ...

Breaking News

Lance Armstrong announces he will step down as chairman of Livestrong

By Arden Ward

Early Tuesday morning, news broke that Lance Armstrong is stepping down from his position as chairman of Livestrong, the Austin-based cancer-fighting foundation that bears his name. (The Lance Arms ...

10 Results. Showing to
Page 1 of 1
Refine By:   Events (0)   Lists (0)   News (10)   Places (0)

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