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The Classless Bowl

Cheat master Tom Brady uses Katy Perry dumb luck to steal Super Bowl

By Chris Baldwin

It looks like another giant meteor of karmic justice is crashing down on Tom Brady and the New England Patriots. Seahawks wideout Jermaine Kearse makes a juggling catch on his back, and t ...

J.J. Watt Charms Katy Perry

Katy Perry completely charmed by J.J. Watt's humble vibe: Sports' new power couple?

By Chris Baldwin

Katy Perry admits she needed to Google J.J. Watt to find out who the best defensive player in the NFL was. Just because you're playing the Super Bowl doesn't mean you know anything about th ...

Patriots 41, Texans 28

Don't blame Matt Schaub for this mess: Belichick, Brady mock Texans defense in New England

By Chris Baldwin

FOXBOROUGH, Mass. — When Tom Brady hits Shane Vereen — yes, Shane "freaking" Vereen — for the touchdown that makes it 38-13, Matt Schaub hardly looks like he's ...

Chalk Talk

Loving the pressure? Texans, Matt Schaub need to embrace the moment in New England

By Kim Davis

The Houston Texans crossed the first hurdle of this postseason tournament by beating the Cincinnati Bengals 19-13 in Reliant Stadium. The score does not paint a clear picture of how the Texans actu ...

Colts Beware

LeBron James man crushes on Arian Foster: Calls Texan NFL's best as others obsess over Luck

By Chris Baldwin

Let the masses go gaga over Peyton Manning, Tom Brady and Aaron Rodgers. And the Next Hot Thing crowd is welcome to swoon over Robert Griffin III and even Andrew Luck if they must. The best bas ...

Beyond the Boxscore

Coach challenges the Texans' manhood after Tom Brady snubs and champ schools them

By Chris Baldwin

FOXBOROUGH, Mass. — With their Monday Night dreams in shambles all around them, with Tom Brady having all but declared them championship amateurs, the Houston Texans find themselves facing a ...

Beyond the Boxscore

Forgive M.I.A.: Tom Brady more offensive than a middle finger, proving he's no all-time great post Spygate

By Chris Baldwin

Another Super Bowl ends with an already overblown halftime controversy, even though Madonna follows through on her promise to keep it in her shirt. British rapper M.I.A's silly, mainstream atte ...

Down And Distance

Why do we act like we know Peyton Manning personally, and other thoughts on Super Bowl hype

By Dan Solomon

With the determination this past weekend that this year’s Super Bowl would be a rematch of the fateful Super Bowl XLII, also known as “The Best Super Bowl Of The Millennium,” the ...

8 Results. Showing to
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