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Sports Tributes

Texas' biggest and brightest athletes celebrated in new State Fair exhibit

By Alex Bentley

We love our sports here in Texas, so it's only natural that the 2014 State Fair of Texas would get in on the action with a new exhibit titled Texas Sports Legends that honors some of the bigges ...

Major League Switch

Will the Round Rock Express make a major league switch this fall?

By Ryan Lakich

All signs suggest that the Round Rock Express could be switching from one Texas baseball franchise to another. According to both minor and major league baseball sources cited by the Austin American ...

Austin Disrespected

Austin dissed in new minor league sports rankings: Nolan Ryan would disagree

By Chris Baldwin

The one and only Nolan Ryan is such a fan of Round Rock, its minor league baseball and the greater Austin lifestyle that he wondered why his son would want to leave it. Even for the big league ...

In or Out?

Will he stay or go? Rumors about Nolan Ryan's departure put Texas Rangers' reputation on the line

By Matthew Postins

Few sports figures, whether they are players, managers, coaches or general managers, get to exit the stage on their own terms. Rarer still are the figures that actually deserve to leave on their ow ...

Foodie News

Nolan Ryan's beef cookbook is genius: Move over George Foreman

By Sarah Rufca

Nolan Ryan isn't just a baseball player or a legend, he is a golden god. Growing up in the 1980s in Texas means that I know an inordinate amount of guys my age named Nolan. Back when there ...

smart playing

Marketing Saint: Austin native Drew Brees, an athlete we can endorse

By John Egan

Austin cyclist Lance Armstrong – who just stepped down from the board of his Livestrong charity – let down a lot of people after revelations emerged about his alleged use of performance ...

major leagues

Rangers must rebound from a mediocre May... or else

By Russ Espinoza

On the record, Rangers’ manager Ron Washington is a proponent of “Spare the rod, spoil the child,” and he will speak openly. Starter Derek Holland, 25, was a marked man until ...

minor league

Even if you don't like sports, there are a ton of ways to have a good time at Round Rock Express games

By Kerri Lendo

With summer comes baseball, but Austin is one of the largest cities that doesn’t have a major league team. What Austin lacks in a major league team, it makes up with its minor league team &md ...

The Curse of Mark Cuban

Nolan looks on as Texas Rangers morph into the Buffalo Bills of baseball and they'll never win a World Series now

By Chris Baldwin

Forget that Billy Goat that Theo Epstein is wrestling at Wrigley. How about The Curse of Mark Cuban? No wonder why Nolan Ryan spent the 2011 World Series looking so glum that even professional ...

Beyond the Boxscore

Rangers Freesed out in historic World series win

By Chris Baldwin

How do you celebrate winning one of the most unbelievable World Series games ever—in the most dramatic way possible? Well, if you're the never-give-in St. Louis Cardinals, you rip the uni ...

10 Results. Showing to
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Refine By:   Events (0)   Lists (0)   News (10)   Places (0)
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