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Pop Art Carnival

International art experience pops up in Austin with grand spectacle

By Justin Boyle

If you've been hoping to find a classy replacement for the four-color Marilyn Monroe poster you loved in college, your search may be over. On the third weekend of October, the work of dozens of ...

Handcrafted Holiday Gifts

Our holiday gift guide: 10 great Pinterest-inspired DIY holiday gifts

By Samantha Webster

If you’ve ever longed to create some of the crafty DIY masterpieces you’ve eyed on Pinterest or Etsy, look no further! Our gift-guide for the crafty.   ...

Sneaky Web Surfers

Your teen is a master of digital deception, online sex a hot topic, survey says

By Claire St. Amant

If you've had a talk with your children about the dangers of the Internet, you probably felt like they were listening. A new McAfee survey says otherwise. The Internet security company found th ...

Curl Up With a Good Book

Personal libraries are so passé: Inspiration for converting an unused space into a cozy reading nook

By Claire St. Amant

E-readers and smart phones may have changed the way we read, but they haven’t changed where we read. Feast your eyes on our favorite reading nooks from Pinterest.   ...

Are we there yet?

How to tell if you're a real grown-up: 10 totally ridiculous markers of maturity

By Caroline Gallay

There are a few markers of actual, bona fide adulthood in the tumultuous twenty-something landscape. Despite what you assumed as an undergrad, an apartment and a frame for your bachelor’s deg ...

Silly Politics

Ann Romney's Patriotic Pinterest board defies belief: Is Mitt's better half the queen of the flag?

By Whitney Radley

Another National Flag Week has come and gone, but we have slept a night or two since elementary school and have forgotten how to properly commemorate the patriotic occasion.  Thankfully,&n ...

Rocking The Fashion World

On thin ice: Vogue outlines vague new standards for hiring models with a "healthy body image"

By Whitney Radley

Vogue, the glossy editorial that is every woman's inspiration and scourge, has revamped its guidelines for selecting models.  Condé Nast pledges that, from Vogue's June ...

i am woman

Did Glamour get it right? Our take on "Turning 30," and why we never want to talk about powerdrills again

By Staff

Haaaay laaaadies: Perhaps you have seen this Glamour list, “Turning 30: 30 Things Every Woman Should Have And Should Know”? Originally written by Pamela Redmond Satran in 1997, and ...

"I Hid the Body . . ."

Texas is a hotspot for a social media prank that's currently putting police on edge

By Karen Labuca

Pinterest, the content sharing website which has become the latest social media sensation with its instant pinning of your favorite ideas — all to inspire and spread awareness among linked us ...

SXSW 2012

Why I love Pinterest, but just deleted my account: Pinterest CEO, Ben Silbermann at SXSW

By Jessica Pages

I’ve been ripping photos out of magazines since I was really young and have countless binders, journals and folders filled with inspiring photographs. I credit those journals to igniting my p ...

12 Results. Showing to
Page 1 of 2
Refine By:   Events (0)   Lists (0)   News (12)   Places (0)
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