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Melba Whatley

The self-proclaimed troublemaker paving the way to a thoughtful urban future

By Caitlin M. Ryan

Editor’s note: CultureMap is proud to introduce a new series called The Influentials, in which we profile the people who help to shape the City of Austin.  Melba Whatley ha ...

2012 Voter guide

Making Austin housing affordable: What you should know about Proposition 15

By Sheryl Cole

Editor's note: CultureMap Austin is proud to partner with Leadership Austin — the region's premier provider of civic and community leadership development — in this ser ...

Local spotlight

"It Gets Better": Austin's official stance on marriage equality shows collective support of civil rights

By Shelley Seale

Austin is, not surprisingly, at the forefront of progressive attitudes and actions in Texas when it comes to acceptance and rights protection of the LGBT community. And it's not just our citize ...

Gay in the ATX

Austin City Council unanimously votes in support of marriage equality for the city

By Michael Graupmann

Early Thursday morning, Austin City Council voted on a resolution to support marriage equality in the state of Texas, a resolution sponsored by Mayor Pro Tem Sheryl Cole and co-sponsored by Mayor L ...

Austin Elections

You voted! Austin Mayor and Council re-elected in a landslide. But turnout?

By Kevin Benz

Congratulations Austin! You turned out to vote in... well... droves would be the wrong word, but in better numbers than the poor early voting turnout suggested. Over 48,000 of you helped us avoid t ...


Imagining Austin, part two: How we became so car-dependent and where we want to go

By Cody Lyon

Before Imagining Austin's future, we might first imagine Austin in 1839. That was the year this city was founded. It was also around the time when Austin's first Mayor, Edwin Waller, laid o ...

Average Austin Cyclist

Cyclists to city leaders: We need more city leaders on bikes; we need more bikers at the polls

By Charlie L. Harper III

It’s always good to see city leaders paying attention to the cycling community — always. It’s even better when the cyclists stand up, so to speak, and tell the city leaders exactl ...

imagine austin

Imagine Austin introduces a blueprint for what Austin could be as one of America's fastest growing cities

By Cody Lyon

A new comprehensive urban plan for the City of Austin's growth called Imagine Austin, is slowly making its way through various City committees, commissions and eventually City Council. Consider ...

Texas Relays

State of the Relays: A peaceful start to a racially-charged weekend in Austin

By Joshunda Sanders

"Are you in town for the Relays?" a waitress at Frank's asked me. "No, I live here," I responded, with a bit of surprise. Sometimes when I say that, people give me an od ...

9 Results. Showing to
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