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Christmas Day Buffet at TRIO


Make a reservation with friends and family to enjoy a bountiful buffet at TRIO for Christmas Day, with a special menu featuring gingerbread pancakes, egg white frittata, maple-cured salmon, duck co

Last Supper

Final feast of 2012: Where to eat out on New Year's Eve

By Layne Lynch

New Year's Eve is only a few days away, and if you haven't already, it's time you made dinner plans for the glitzy, glamorous occasion. Many individuals seize the night as an opportunit ...

round up

A glimpse inside the Tastemakers' heads: The best of the interviews leading up to the inaugural event

By Caitlin M. Ryan

In preparation for Thursday night's inaugural event, we've rounded up the best from the Tastemaker interviews that our dedicated Food + Drink team spent hours poring over. Get ...


Tastemaker-nominated pastry chefs vie to be the King (or Queen) of All Things Sweet

By Adam Sparks

After a relentless scouring of Austin's dessert scene, only five chefs have earned a Tastemaker Award nomination for Pastry Chef. And no, none of them serve cupcakes. Meet the Tastemakers below ...

new tastes

The must-try restaurants during the sweet, savory days of Austin Restaurant Week

By Layne Lynch

It has begun. The first of two weeks foodies across Austin anticipate each spring: Austin Restaurant Week. Navigating these 14 sweet and savory days can be a piece of cake for those familiar with t ...

Thanksgiving Day Buffet at TRIO


Celebrate Thanksgiving with family and friends while enjoying an expansive buffet in TRIO, featuring traditional favorites and holiday dishes prepared by the talented culinary team. View the Th

Four Seasons Pancake Supper

Four Seasons Hotel

Experience the nostalgia of breakfast for dinner and help a great cause in the process at TRIO's 3rd annual Pancake Supper. The Pancake Supper offers guests their choice of four pancake opt

7 Results. Showing to
Page 1 of 1
Refine By:   Events (3)   Lists (0)   News (4)   Places (0)

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