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The Legistlative Cocktail Hour

Perry calls third special session to tackle transportation

By Katie Friel

Gov. Rick Perry called a third special session of the Texas Legislature today, after lawmakers failed to pass a transportation bill that would pay for roads. The most viable legislation would have ...

The Legislative Cocktail Hour

Women's rights in Texas: Things may get worse before they get worse

By Katie Friel

Although one of the most restrictive — and controversial — abortion bills in U.S. history was signed just hours earlier, a trio of Texas state representatives decided it wasn't enou ...

The Legislative Cocktail Hour

On the horizon: A Texas without Rick Perry or abortion clinics

By Katie Friel

UPDATE: HB 2, the controversial abortion bill, passed in the Texas Senate on Friday night. The bill is now headed to the Governor. --- Big news hit this week when Rick Perry announced that ...

The Legislative Cocktail Hour

Wherefore art thou Rick Perry? Eyes turn to the Capitol for second special session

By Katie Friel

Eyes on the Capitol today! Thousands of people are expected to descend on the pink dome starting this morning to argue for and against bills that would create some of the strongest abortion limitat ...

Color in the Capital

Social studies: National discussions on minority issues fuel local debate

By Charlotte Moore

As if to corroborate a need for the kinds of conversations CultureMap is sparking with its "Color in the Capital" column, this proved to be an emotionally-charged mad-cap week of legislat ...

Wendy Davis Rules the Web

Wendy Davis: Links we love about the now-famous Fort Worth state senator

By Claire St. Amant

Wendy Davis sure is getting a lot of press these days. The Democratic state senator from Fort Worth made headlines the world over with her 10-hour filibuster to kill the most restrictive abortion b ...

Stand with Wendy

Thousands of protestors, anchored by Wendy Davis' filibuster, kill strict abortion bill

By Alexa Garcia-Ditta

Sen. Wendy Davis, the Democratic senator from Fort Worth who spent more than 10 hours filibustering a bill that would have imposed some of the strictest abortion regulations in the country, may hav ...

Grassroots Organizing

Hundreds mobilize to fight abortion restrictions at rally with Cecile Richards of Planned Parenthood

By Alexa Garcia-Ditta

It’s hard to ignore the droves of women and their supporters clad in orange t-shirts that have descended upon the Texas Capitol over the last five days. What started as a simple phone call be ...

The Legislative Cocktail Hour

Texas: Where the Constitution protects our guns but not our women

By Katie Friel

If anything, this special session has taught us that our Texas lawmakers would like to continue the stereotype that we’re just a bunch of racist, uneducated loons. Two of the major things ...

Session Talk

Texas Monthly names the best and worst Texas legislators for 2013

By Arden Ward

The special session may still be in full swing, but that hasn't stopped Texas Monthly from releasing its 2013 list of the best and worst Texas legislators. The winners (and losers) were announc ...

29 Results. Showing to
Page 1 of 3
Refine By:   Events (0)   Lists (0)   News (29)   Places (0)

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