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Trib Fest Lineup

Texas Tribune Festival lineup pulls some big names from political arena

By Ryan Lakich

It's like Christmas in May for political junkies after the Texas Tribune Festival released half of the star-studded 2014 lineup. Returning this year to the University of Texas at Austin from Se ...

Perry Family Feud

Rick Perry just shuts down that whole Anita having an opinion thing

By Katie Friel

On September 27, Anita Perry was being interviewed at the Texas Tribune Festival when she said, "I see [abortion] as a woman's right. If they want to do that, that is their decision. And t ...

After West, Texas

Texas fertilizer plant explosion like the one in West could happen again

By Melissa Gaskill

The explosion of a fertilizer plant in West, Texas in April 2013 seemed like a freak accident, but in reality Texas has more than 100 similar facilities, any one of which could potentially cause a ...

Weekend Political Party

Wendy Davis, Ted Cruz and Castro brothers to headline 2013 Texas Tribune Fest

By Ryan Lakich

Summer 2013 at the Texas Capitol has provided the most buzzworthy political headlines since quorum-busting Democrats fled across the state line in 2003. When it came to the special session battle o ...

2013 Texas Tribune Festival

University of Texas - Austin

In case you haven't heard, but politics are a big deal here in Austin. The Texas Tribune Fest returns to the UT campus to host a weekend of political debate, discussion and dialogue with some o

who to watch

Dismantling the political puzzle: Five things to know about the Texas Tribune Festival

By Caitlin M. Ryan

After a successful debut, the Texas Tribune Festival stands on solid political ground in its second year as it kicks off a weekend of dialogue, discussion and debate this Friday. Because we' ...

Weekend Roundup

Horrors, homos and hullabaloo: A Fantastic weekend full of PRIDE for Texas' many festivals

By Michael Graupmann

The temperature is dipping down, heralding the arrival of Austin's beloved Festival Season: that time of year where portions of our city get infiltrated by enchanted out-of-towners from far and ...

Texas Tribune Festival

Winds of change (and some hot air) blow across UT campus during Tribune's "festival of ideas"

By Karen Brooks Harper

Legalize marijuana to secure the border, meet once a year on the state budget, look for a primary challenger to President Obama and encourage the HPV vaccine while side-stepping a mandate. At t ...

The Texas Tribune Festival 2012

AT&T Conference Center

The Texas Tribune Festival will feature a full weekend of debate, discussion and dialogue, featuring some of the biggest names in the world of politics and public policy. We've added two new tr

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