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Generic Ensemble Company Presents: What's Goin' On?

The Vortex

What’s Goin’ On is an epic journey of many stories inspired by other works (including The Good Person of Szechwan by Bertolt Brecht), found objects, and Anne Bogart’s Viewpoints.

Cleavage Chronicles Presents: Everybody Loves Boobs!

The Vortex

Everybody Loves Boobs! is a live stage production from the Cleavage Chronicles celebrate everything about the wonderful world of boobs. The cabaret-style, multi-media, dramatic comedy explores

Everybody Loves Boobs

The Vortex

Everybody Loves Boobs is a live stage production celebrating women and their breasts. The cabaret-style, multimedia, dramatic comedy explores the form and function of breasts with sp

The Pie and Ear Show

The Vortex

A motley collection of Austin’s improv comedy veterans hit The Vortex with The Pie and Ear Show, a mash-up of stories, improvised games, longform sketches, video segments and musical improv.

The Vortex presents The Mutt-Cracker (Sweet!)

The Vortex

With dog tricks, a singing macaw, juggling, unicycling and danger. Featuring a live performance of the traditional Nutcracker suite by Circus Chickendog, an Austin-based troupe that has b

theatre primer

Need help navigating the world of theater? Let Off Stage and On The Air be your guide

By Kerri Lendo

“I want see more theater,” I often say to myself. But I never quite know where to begin — there are a lot of theater companies in Austin.  If you’re in the same boat, t ...

News Flesh presents: Nosferatu with live music by Tactics

The Vortex

Spend an evening at the Vortex Repertory Theater and the Butterfly Bar as New Flesh hosts a screening of Nosferatu with Austin-based post-rock band, Tactics. This show is free, though you can

X8 Drums presents: Austin Community Drum Circle

The Vortex

The drum circle is being hosted by Austin musical instrument store X8 Drums and sponsored by VORTEX Repertory Company. The drum circle will be facilitated by nationally-recognized X8 Drums endorsed

Nightmare Circus on Halloween

Republic Live

Enjoy a frightful night at the circus, with scary clowns, an evil ringmaster, diabolical magicians, a soul-searing fortune teller, knife jugglers, and more. Sky Candy Aerial Arts flies with dea

Tapestry on the Fringe

The Vortex

Matt Shields & Tapestry on the Fringe return to The VORTEX for another amazing evening of tap dance, live music, and poetry. Tapestry Dance Company began an experimental rhythm and dance co

12 Results. Showing to
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Refine By:   Events (11)   Lists (0)   News (1)   Places (0)

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