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Everything and More

The Pale King: Completing (and complementing) the David Foster Wallace collection

By Samantha Pitchel

After acquiring cult author David Foster Wallace’s personal library last year, the Harry Ransom Center has enjoyed a marked increase in publicity and popularity. As researchers continue to fl ...

DFW Examination Part 4

This is Water: The Ransom Center welcomes waves of researchers and biographers

By Samantha Pitchel

The Harry Ransom Center’s most popular literary archive, the David Foster Wallace collection, attracts a near-record number of visitors. While some read between the lines in an attempt to per ...

DFW Examination Part 3

Consider the Author: Literary detectives find big meaning in a small collection

By Samantha Pitchel

Harry Ransom Center director Thomas F. Staley is an acquisitions guru. He explained one of his guiding philosophies to The New Yorker in 2007: “Ten percent of an archive represents ninety per ...

DFW Examination Part 2

Infinite Files: Making sense of David Foster Wallace's manuscripts and marginalia

By Samantha Pitchel

Imagine if you could pick up Jim Morrison’s guitar and play it,” says David Foster Wallace researcher Matt Bucher, “or read his handwritten diaries; that’s sacred.“ ...

DFW Examination Part 1

The Guy with Curious Prose: David Foster Wallace and the Harry Ransom Center

By Samantha Pitchel

The University of Texas athletics department is getting even more attention than usual as speculation surrounding Mack Brown’s new coaching staff reaches a fever pitch, but the school’s ...

Harry Ransom Center

World-class library and humanities museum

300 West 21st Street
University of Texas at Austin
Austin, TX 78712

6 Results. Showing to
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