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The Best Medicine

Improvised weight loss: Thinning the Herd motivates players to drop pounds through laughter

By Michael Graupmann

Whoever said that comedy and exercise don't mix is probably 80 percent right in about 96 percent of all cases. Most of the folks that I know that have found a way to make a living doing com ...

Girls Girls Girls Improvised Musicals presents: The 7th Annual Boys of Summer

The Institution Theater

Girls Girls Girls are making summer even hotter with five weeks of improvised musical fun featuring fantabulous guest boys. Web developers and game producers, artistic directors and theater owners,

The Annoying Theatre presents: Manson: The Musical

The Institution Theater

This is the story of an aspiring musician named Charles Manson. With an affinity for hallucinogenic drugs, group sex and random vilence, Manson and his cult of misfits prepare for "Helter Skel

Weekend Roundup

Get out, but be safe: Our picks for the weekend after the holidays

By Michael Graupmann

Yeah, it's scarier than usual out in Austin right now. And, rightfully, folks have safety on the brain. But you also can't live your life as a hermit, yo. There's too much happening in ...

Improv Experts

More fake guns and wigs than any other theater: The Institution prepares for a grand opening

By Michael Graupmann

Stepping into the front door of The Institution Theater, you might not realize this is the home of one of the most prominent improv comedy houses in Austin. There's a couch, a collapsible table ...

Institution Theatre Grand Opening: The Five Families

The Institution Theater

After 3 years of operation teaching improv in Austin, The Institution Theater presents a grand opening of their new space in South Austin with three days of blowout showcases. Grand Opening Fes

Concise Comedy

Freelancers forays into the shifting landscape of web series comedy

By Michael Graupmann

After two years of writing, filming and editing, two Austin comedians have emerged from the other side of creating a web series. Turns out, it's (usually) a lot more work than turning on a webc ...

The Idea Guy

The Improv Philosopher: Asaf Ronen’s Spirited approach to theater

By Michael Graupmann

Asaf Ronen has some new ideas for a show. In fact, he’s got about ten stewing in his brain, waiting to be realized on a stage. Some are too large for one person to direct. Some require a ...

Roleplaying Revolution

Huzzah!: Roleplaying and improvisation show is indeed EPIC!

By Michael Graupmann

Our adventure begins where all good stories usually do: the tavern. A mixed assortment of wanderers share tales as they enjoy plates of spiced meats, potatoes, fruits and cheese at solid wooden ...

The Insitution Theatre

A school and showcase for acting and comedy

3708 Woodbury Drive
Austin, TX 78704

10 Results. Showing to
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