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Most Sober Schools

See which party-free Texas schools land on most sober universities list

By Heather Staible

Making the top 20 of the most sober universities in the country is sure to please school administrators and parents footing tuition bills, so kudos are in order for two Texas schools that just said ...

Texas Gets Trumped

Texas A&M and Rice University trump UT on new best colleges lists

By Elizabeth Rhodes

Rice University has a lot to brag about this week as two national publications have named it the best college in the state of Texas. On Forbes' seventh annual list of America's Top ...

Start Me Up

Texas earns top marks for university entrepreneurial programs

By Elizabeth Rhodes, Jonathan Rienstra

The Princeton Review and Entrepreneur magazine recently released a list of the nation’s top schools for entrepreneurship. Texas tied with New York as the most represented state in the country ...

Love at First Site

Seeking Arrangement: Texas university students are getting tuition help from sugar daddies

By Jonathan Rienstra

Were you aware that the recipient of a sugar daddy’s attention is known as a sugar baby? And did you know that there is a website called that helps set up the whole pro ...

You make the call

Will Texas A&M have it even worse than the Houston Astros? The league transition debate

By Jayme Lamm, Neil Kogut

There are grumblings all throughout Texas, and quite frankly, the nation, about two massive impending sporting moves. The first, mostly because of historically better performances and a much st ...

Beyond the Boxscore

NFL decides it's too good for the best college passer in the game: The Texans take a chance with Case Keenum

By Chris Baldwin

As if waiting through a three-day slog of 252 picks without seeing his name called wasn't torture enough, the Indianapolis Colts decided to add one last kick in the nuts to Case Keenum's 20 ...

The Bayou Bucket Lives

Bigger men than Texas & Texas A&M? UH & Rice to continue football rivalry post split

By Chris Baldwin

When Texas A&M bolted the Big 12 for the SEC, a scorned University of Texas made it clear it'd make no room on its schedule to continue one of the best rivalries in college football. So ...

Valued teachers

Dennis Quaid and friends honor the Texas man who mentored all of their acting careers

By Tarra Gaines

Four Texas movie and television stars, Dennis Quaid, Brett Cullen, Cindy Pickett and Robert Wuhl proved once and for all that a great teacher can have a life-lasting, profound influence on a s ...

Being Flynn

Life on film: Acclaimed writer Nick Flynn speaks about life on the big screen

By Tyler Rudick

Nick Flynn is working at a homeless shelter on a brutal winter's night when he has the surprise visit of a lifetime... his father has arrived looking for a warm bed. A con man long abs ...

Don't mess with Franco

Watch out, Cougars: Future U of H PhD candidate James Franco's lawsuit-spurring D grade leaves one NYU prof fuming

By Whitney Radley

If you've ever wondered how actor / director / screenwriter / novelist / journalist / model / student / superhero James Franco does it all, a recent allegation from a former professor just migh ...

19 Results. Showing to
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