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Playing with Food

University of Texas Food Lab hosts innovative competition to reimagine global food systems

By Layne Lynch

In recent years, Austin has become an epicenter for all things culinary, and a group of savvy academics are finally putting that innovation to great use. The recently founded Food Lab, a program th ...

Start Me Up

Texas earns top marks for university entrepreneurial programs

By Elizabeth Rhodes, Jonathan Rienstra

The Princeton Review and Entrepreneur magazine recently released a list of the nation’s top schools for entrepreneurship. Texas tied with New York as the most represented state in the country ...

UT vs. A&M Again

Texas A&M ranks academically equal to UT Austin — almost

By Katie Friel

In August, Affordable Colleges Online practically blew up the Internet when it dared to declare a Texas A&M University degree more valuable than a degree from the University of Texas at Austin. ...

Wear Your Longhorn Pride

Longhorn Fashions brings trendy, UT-inspired threads to new campus boutique

By Layne Lynch

When CultureMap checked in with Longhorn Fashions owner Tessie Watson Crow last football season, she was quickly expanding her fashion-forward, University of Texas-inspired clothing line with the a ...

Crazy Talk

Say what? Texas A&M degree deemed more valuable than University of Texas diploma

By Katie Friel

Although they won't face the University of Texas at Austin on the football field this fall, Texas A&M University and Rice University can both claim victory over UT after being named the sec ...

Texas Pest Update

UT Austin researcher hopes to wipe out fire ants by turning them into zombies

By Jonathan Rienstra

Fire ants just can’t catch a break. They’ve been dealing with crazy ants taking over their habitats, and now a University of Texas at Austin researcher wants to turn them into zombies & ...

These Ants Are Loco

Crazy ants drive out fire ants in Texas invasion

By Jonathan Rienstra

According to University of Texas at Austin science researchers, the common fire ant is at risk of being displaced by the Tawny crazy ant, which is not the same as Tammy, your crazy aunt. In a r ...

Campus News

UT students take the Harlem Shake to a whole 'nother level with South Mall performance

By Jonathan Rienstra

University of Texas at Austin students are part of one of the larger Harlem Shakes we've seen so far, performing the "dance" on the South Mall of the 40 acres in a video put together ...

Love at First Site

Seeking Arrangement: Texas university students are getting tuition help from sugar daddies

By Jonathan Rienstra

Were you aware that the recipient of a sugar daddy’s attention is known as a sugar baby? And did you know that there is a website called that helps set up the whole pro ...

Science FTW

UT Austin astronomers discover largest black hole in history with a mass of 17 billion suns

By Jonathan Rienstra

Astronomers at the University of Texas at Austin’s McDonald Observatory near Fort Davis have found what they believe may be the most massive black hole ever discovered, according to a report ...

18 Results. Showing to
Page 1 of 2
Refine By:   Events (1)   Lists (0)   News (17)   Places (0)
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