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Dancing at The Blanton

The Blanton's latest exhibit, Perception Unfolds, is designed to make you move

By Sofia Sokolove

The new exhibition at the Blanton Museum of Art — Perception Unfolds: Looking at Deborah Hay’s Dance — which opened Sunday, is not entertainment, says its crea ...

Explore UT 2014

University of Texas - Austin

The biggest open house in Texas, Explore UT is a day-long celebration of education, as UT Austin opens up its doors to the entire state for a day full of special activities, including open houses a

Getting Schooled

Mark Cuban says 'UT is not enough': Austin needs another 'major' university

By John Egan

Dallas billionaire Mark Cuban dispenses his no-holds-barred business advice on ABC’s Shark Tank, where budding entrepreneurs seek money from him and other high-profile investors. Now, he&rsqu ...

Gridiron Green

5 reasons Austin hasn’t hosted a college football bowl game — and likely never will

By John Egan

Closing the 2013 season with a whimper, the University of Texas Longhorns fell to the University of Oregon Ducks on December 30 in the Valero Alamo Bowl. Thousands of fans witnessed Mack Brown coac ...

Stronghorns vs. Gruden Grinders

Cranky old coot Red McCombs ain’t impressed with Charlie Strong

By Ryan Lakich

On Monday morning, the University of Texas introduced fans to the football coach of the future: Charlie Strong, the first African-American head coach in the program’s long history. While the ...

Year of the Strong Horns?

The big Longhorns sports news? Despite close loss to OU, UT has a basketball team

By Michael Corcoran

In 2005, Facebook was just for college kids, Vince Young was leading Texas to a national championship and every food trailer in town was parked at a construction site. That was also the last ye ...

Shiny Happy Aggies

UT ranks No. 9 to Texas A&M's No. 1 in Daily Beast's happiest campus list

By Jonathan Rienstra

In ongoing listicle madness news, The Daily Beast recently crowned Texas A&M as the happiest college in the United States for 2013 while the relatively frowny University of Texas placed No. 9. ...

Bye, Bye Brown

With Longhorns' pitiful 30-7 Alamo Bowl loss, The Mack Brown Error is over

By Michael Corcoran

Imagine a legendary rock band playing its final show and making everyone realize, yep, it’s time to retire. Texas was miserable Monday night at the Alamo Bowl, losing 30-7 to an Oregon te ...

Sex, Drugs and Smarts

Drinkers live longer, night owls are smarter, according to studies

By Jonathan Rienstra

If you found yourself downing glass after glass of wine during a holiday party to the judgmental stares of a teetotaler who somehow snuck in, take solace in the fact that you will likely outlive hi ...

The Portrait of the Lady

Ryan O'Neal gives cringe-worthy interview over Fawcett portrait lawsuit

By Ryan Lakich

The University of Texas will remember 2013 as a year in which it gained a national spotlight due to litigation. One case went to the Supreme Court and involved the future of affirmative action in u ...

142 Results. Showing to
Page 1 of 15
Refine By:   Events (16)   Lists (0)   News (125)   Places (1)

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