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Artsty New Year

Hanging Around Austin: 4 fresh art shows to kick off 2015

By Justin Boyle

Happy 2015! Now that the holiday hangover is starting to wear off, we all need some edifying cultural experiences to help us through resolution season. These shows join multiple selections from our ...

Hanging Around Austin

Hanging Around Austin: 5 stimulating shows for your October art fix

By Justin Boyle

October in Austin! Of all the times in any year to leave your house and try new things, this month of this year in this very city is the absolute best one of all time. It’s science, really. W ...

Selfies, Belfies and Beyoncé

New exhibition #hashtag explores how social media shapes perceptions of women

By Sofia Sokolove

The first room of the exhibition #hashtag, Danielle Georgiou’s first solo show now at Women and Their Work through July 3, is full of selfies.  There, on large prints, are ...

Art All Around Us

Hanging Around Austin: 4 art shows featuring dreams, diodes and degenerates

By Justin Boyle

It may not be obvious to everyone, but our City of the Violet Crown has almost as many art galleries as music venues. In Hanging Around Austin, we showcase the weirdest, most powerful and most inte ...

11th Annual Art Night Austin

Scottish Rite Theater

Presented by Art Alliance Austin, Art Night Austin looks to offer a new twist on the popular annual event and will include a curated, multi-disciplinary experience spanning two locations: Women &am

Kelly O'Connor: Last Resort opening reception

Women and Their Work

In Last Resort, Kelly O’Connor appropriates idealized American landscapes to suggest how nostalgia, fantasy and pop culture influence our perceptions. A huge, geodesic dome will create a 

Women in Art

Women & Their Work spotlights Wendy Wagner's "Qwerky," lighthearted world

By Joelle Zigman

It’s a super crowded art opening at the Austin gallery, Women & Their Work. The place is hot, packed and at the centerpoint of it all is a triptych called “Look to the Left.” ...

Art exhibit opening: Look to the Left

Women and Their Work

Wendy Wagner embraces youthful innocence and creates a distinctive make-believe world using painting, drawing, ceramic, soft sculpture and animation. Working with themes inspired by childhood, pets

Brave New Voices

Four New Works highlight female bodies and their stories at Women and Their Work

By Michael Graupmann

For their next major in-store performance event, Women and Their Work Gallery (WATW) invites you to enjoy an evening of New Work: Performances featuring an exciting chorus of voices comprised of fo ...

Women and Their Work present: Leticia Bajuyo's Event Horizon

Women and Their Work

In the dustbin of technology, what happens to player piano rolls, cassette tapes, CDs, and so on when the companion machine is broken, missing or forgotten? Entropy and Rewind are site-sensitiv

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Refine By:   Events (9)   Lists (0)   News (7)   Places (0)
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