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Austin Film Society Presents Rod Serling: Paranoid Prophet

Guest host Zack Carlson presents a selection of television shows scripted by the enigmatic host of The Twilight Zone, Rod Serling. His work is both modern and distrustful of modernity, with hi


Austin writer asks Alamo Drafthouse to diversify its programming (and programmers)

By Aleksander Chan

The Alamo Drafthouse announced Tuesday that one of its leading programmers, or as the Austin Chronicle describes him, “an institution,” Zack Carlson, will be leaving to pursue his buddi ...

Fantastic Fest 2012

Stars of house haunter documentary The American Scream scare up fun at the Drafthouse

By Michael Graupmann

In the opening scenes of the new Magic Stone Productions film, The American Scream, we meet Halloween-obsessed family man Victor Bariteau who lives with his wife and kids in the perfectly horror mo ...

Roundhouse to the Head

ZZANGARANG!!!: Alamo celebrates Expendables 2 with the ultimate Van Damme combo

By Michael Graupmann

When Alamo programmers Zack Carlson and Greg MacLennan heard that Jean Claude Van Damme was going to join the already stellar cast of the well-aged action stars of The Expendables 2, they knew a sp ...

on screen

Forgotten cult classic Miami Connection returns to theaters thanks to Drafthouse Films

By Austin Sanders

Miami Connection is a martial arts film that in the first reel captures everything we like about good-bad 80s movies. Sincere yet flat acting, tight martial arts from a trained master, terribly syn ...

Mad Max beyond Austin

Summer of '82 blowing up with Drafthouse's Road Warrior Rolling Roadshow

By Michael Graupmann

Remember when Mel Gibson was an up-and-coming Hollywood action star who channeled his crazy for awesome moviemaking instead of scary racist, wife-threatening phone rants? It was the magical sum ...

Top Drafthouse Picks

February at the Drafthouse: Celebrate Valentine’s Day with a storybook love

By Ryan Lakich

The season of love is upon us now, which can be a bit of a double-edged sword depending on your relationship status. Valentine’s Day can either be a good excuse to celebrate the love that you ...

This Week at the Movies

What to watch: Texans fight their way out of betrayal and into space on Austin screens

By Brian Kelley

As Sundance kicks into high gear up in Park City, Utah, unveiling a slate of films that will surely find their way to Austin screens in the coming months, there are new films coming to the city now ...

Alamo Drafthouse Special

Video Hate Squad brings VHS-only "classics" to Austin

By Ralph Hardesty

Completely in character, Alamo Drafthouse’s new series, Video Hate Squad exhumes movies you have never heard of that died in a prior commercial format. The curators of Terror Tuesday and ...

9 Results. Showing to
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Refine By:   Events (1)   Lists (0)   News (8)   Places (0)
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