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Ranking the Airlines

From on-time flights to lost bags, new airline quality survey shows who's hot and who's not

By Claire St. Amant

A delayed flight or lost bag can really put a damper on travel. To keep airlines accountable and passengers informed, the Airline Quality Index outlines the best and worst flying experiences. For t ...

London Calling

British Airways puts the international back in Austin Bergstrom International Airport

By Katie Friel

One of the most difficult things about traveling from Austin is that you always have to go somewhere else to get where you're going. Flying to Seattle? Get ready for a stop in Phoenix. Heading ...

Up In the Air

United Airlines ups the Dreamliner ante, orders more new stretch planes — and look at that fuel burn

By Whitney Radley

More state-of-the-art aircraft are on the way for United Airlines, which has increased an order from The Boeing Company to include 20 additional 787-10s. The Chicago-based carrier expects the first ...

Debate It

Prominent economist wants fat people to pay more to fly

By Whitney Radley

The idea that passengers should be charged according to body weight is nothing new. The incensing suggestion has been presented for years as a way for airlines to recoup rising fuel costs and  ...

world travel

Austin Bergstrom International Airport celebrates a record-breaking year

By Shannon Murray / KVUE News

KVUE -- 2012 was a record year at Austin Bergstrom International Airport, with more than 9.4 million passengers coming from all over the world. ABIA says they've seen consistent growth ...


American Airlines uses an unbelievable story to explain its loose seats — it's just spilled soda

By Whitney Radley

As if American Airlines hadn't seen enough drama in recent months with bankruptcy proceedings, mass layoffs, pilot uprisings and delayed and canceled flights, passengers' seats came loose o ...

Taking Off

United gives $50 bonuses to employees for being on time: Airline sees a dramatic boost

By Whitney Radley

The past several months of United Airlines' Air Travel Consumer Reports have been terribly dismal, with the carrier ranking last in on time arrivals and racking up customer complaints.&nbs ...

Flying Low

Missing Continental: United ranks dead last in on-time arrivals, mishandled bags & complaints

By Whitney Radley

Another month, another poor performance rating: United Airlines' rankings for July 2012 were far inferior to other carriers in the September Air Travel Consumer Report, released ...

Follow the leader

Southwest triggers an across-the-board airline price hike: Not such good guys after all?

By Whitney Radley

Southwest Airlines is the current leader in the game of airfare tug o' war. As first noted, the Dallas-based carrier has initiated an increase of $5 each way on 400 of its ...

Here's the skinny

United Airlines to put in skinnier seats, swears you will not notice — and besides you'll have WiFi

By Whitney Radley

Just when you thought flying coach couldn't get much more cramped, United Airlines has announced plans to install slimmer seats to its Airbus narrow-bodies. Each aircraft in the  ...

14 Results. Showing to
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Refine By:   Events (0)   Lists (0)   News (14)   Places (0)

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