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Art for Your Mind

Hanging Around Austin: 5 must-see art shows in May

By Justin Boyle

Our City of the Violet Crown has almost as many art galleries as music venues. In Hanging Around Austin, we showcase the weirdest, most powerful and most interesting shows currently hanging around ...

'Blackfish' Toll Rises

Southwest Airlines' SeaWorld ties damage reputation after Blackfish, animal rights protests

By Teresa Gubbins

With SeaWorld under fire for its policies regarding animals, its Dallas-based airline partner Southwest Airlines is drawing heat for its association with the animal theme park. Animal advocates hav ...

The Farmer Diaries

Like good garden neighbors, skunks earn their keep on Texas farm

By Marshall Hinsley

I am now living among several dozen skunks since I spotted the first settlers under the debris of a dilapidated barn last July. A census is not easily taken of these aloof, indigenous tribes, but g ...

Something Smells Fishy

Shark fin ban gets blocked unexpectedly by Republican senators

By Teresa Gubbins

On Monday, Republican senators Troy Fraser and Larry Taylor blocked a bill — one that seemed to be a shoo-in — that would have banned the cruel practice of "shark finning." Sh ...

Pet Rescue Resource

New-to-Texas mobile app helps save animals in distress

By Teresa Gubbins

It could be a dog trotting along a highway, a squirrel stuck in your chimney, or a raccoon that got its head trapped in a tin can. You want to help but don't know what to do. App to the rescue? ...

Austin Pets & Arts Alive!

Bay6 Gallery & Studios

An evening of art, music and libation. Music provided by local east side favorites, Treachery of Others. Sale proceeds to benefit Austin Pets Alive!, an organization that provides resources, educat

15th Annual Mighty Texas Dog Walk 2013

Auditorium Shores

Pooches will enjoy the latest in dog food samples, advice from top vets, games of canine skill and even a doggie psychic. 100 percent of the proceeds benefit Texas Hearing & Service Dogs to tra

Weekend Roundup

Hear classic symphonies, watch Texas Rollergirls in our top 5 event picks for the weekend

By Aleksander Chan

There's highbrow and lowbrow — middlebrow, too if you're going to be picky about it. You can have it all, really. Impress your friends with tales of your time at the orchestra or ...

The humane way

Federal court rejects breeders' efforts to knock down Texas puppy mill law

By Teresa Gubbins

Dog breeders lost a round on Thursday when a federal court in Austin rejected their efforts to block Texas' new "puppy mill law" from going into effect. The Licensed Breeders Act ...

Austin Pets Alive! fundraiser

The Belmont

Austin Pets Alive! will host a fundraiser open to the public next month to celebrate Austin’s second year anniversary as the largest no-kill city in the country. The event will also

14 Results. Showing to
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Refine By:   Events (3)   Lists (0)   News (11)   Places (0)
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