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Future of Austin Art

Meet the man cultivating Austin's art scene — plus his advice for artists and patrons

By Justin Boyle

Where would we be without Art Alliance Austin? It’s been opening doors for local artists and building community resources since the Eisenhower administration, and is behind many of the intera ...

Pop Art Carnival

International art experience pops up in Austin with grand spectacle

By Justin Boyle

If you've been hoping to find a classy replacement for the four-color Marilyn Monroe poster you loved in college, your search may be over. On the third weekend of October, the work of dozens of ...

Hanging Around Austin

Hanging Around Austin: 5 shows that will blow your mind

By Justin Boyle

It makes sense that studies of humanity, death and beauty are on the menu this month, what with the vivid forces of life in Austin crawling out from under the sweaty thumb of another wearisome summ ...

Hanging Around Austin

Hanging Around Austin: 5 August art exhibits that will make you cooler

By Justin Boyle

Isn't it great how "August" is also an adjective? It means "majestic" or "inspiring awe or admiration," which suits the shows hanging around Austin this month just ...

Cats And Dogs

New exhibit explores our diverse and complex relationships with cats and dogs

By Sofia Sokolove

It’s probably fair to say that Thomas Sully, in painting his 1843 oil on canvas masterpiece Cinderella at the Kitchen Fire, did not envision that in 2014, his delicate painting would be featu ...

Cool Art for Hot People

Hanging Around Austin: 5 cool summer art exhibits for your hot, hot life

By Justin Boyle

Astounding installations and intergenerational collaborations are hanging around Austin this month. Here are five cool summer exhibits not to miss.  A Place Beyond Wally Workman Gallery, ...

Hanging Around Austin

Hanging Around Austin: 3 weeks, 4 shows, 37 artists

By Justin Boyle

Editor's note: Our City of the Violet Crown has almost as many art galleries as music venues. In Hanging Around Austin, we showcase the weirdest, most powerful and most interesting shows curren ...

Selfies, Belfies and Beyoncé

New exhibition #hashtag explores how social media shapes perceptions of women

By Sofia Sokolove

The first room of the exhibition #hashtag, Danielle Georgiou’s first solo show now at Women and Their Work through July 3, is full of selfies.  There, on large prints, are ...

The Contemporary presents Susurrus

The Contemporary Austin - Laguna Gloria

Part radio play, part stroll in the park, part lesson in bird dissection and part musical recital: Susurrus, by Scottish site-specific artist David Leddy, is a play without actors or a stage a

Umlauf Sculpture Garden presents CRAFT with Uncle Billy's beer tasting

Umlauf Sculpture Garden and Museum

The Umlauf Sculpture Garden combines the fun of arts and crafts with the joy of a delicious beer tasting. Learn how to make a unique terrarium with artist Monique Capanelli, who repurposed con

268 Results. Showing to
Page 1 of 27
Refine By:   Events (163)   Lists (0)   News (95)   Places (10)

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