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Healing Art

Castle Hill's inspiring new graffiti mural aims to give hope and raise awareness

By Shelley Seale

As a little girl, Jody Lita loved the color yellow. Her mother, Donna Lita, would wrap any gift for her with a yellow ribbon, and that of her sister, Nicole Lita Bedynek, with a blue ribbon. Tr ...

Presidential Politics

George W. Bush's secret new book expected to be a very personal affair

By Elizabeth Rhodes

While his paintings made international headlines earlier this year, former president George W. Bush has been secretly working on another project: A highly personal biography of his father  ...

neo pop

The life and times of painter Greg Miller, Austin's very own Warhol

By Samantha Webster

Greg Miller is comfortably labeled as a "neo-pop" and a "post-pop" artist. I say comfortably because it may be the first time I've heard an artist — musical or otherwi ...

The Influentials

Meet the Influentials: CultureMap highlights Texas leaders and tastemakers in new series

By Clifford Pugh

Texas has long been a place that attracts people who want to make a difference. It doesn't matter who your parents are or how little money you have, if you possess a great idea and want to achi ...

the local fabric

East Austin's newest development, thinkEAST, offers affordable mixed-use creative spaces

By Shelley Seale

The announcement of thinkEAST, a new development of live-work studios and apartments in one of Austin’s largest remaining undeveloped urban tracts, has created a big buzz. Coupled with&n ...

Art as Theft

Austin's New York Times bestselling author Austin Kleon on how to Steal Like an Artist

By Beth Lebwohl

Wherever he goes, local artist and author Austin Kleon brings the party.  When I first meet him, it’s early evening in early June, and we head to 24 Diner. Kleon chats with ease, eat ...


A project of Fluent~Collaborative

502 W. 33rd Street
Austin, TX 78765

paying tribute

The South Austin Popular Culture Center honors Austin artists with a memorial wall

By Shelley Seale

Austin is known for being a mecca for musicians, artists, writers and other creatives. Our very soul and culture tends to nurture them. So it's no wonder that we have such a rich variety of cre ...

Help the Homeless

Art from the Streets gives value and sustenance to area homeless

By Shelley Seale

Heloise Gold and Beverly Bajema were simply handing out sandwiches at the homeless shelter for an hour a week. Or so they thought. During that time in the early 90s, the two women began getting to ...

9 Results. Showing to
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