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Night Sky Display

Meteor splits in two across a moonstruck Texas sky

By Teresa Gubbins

A meteor crossed the sky over Texas on July 12 at 9 pm, enthralling many who watched as it split into two before its inevitable fade. Night-sky viewers witnessed what some described as a double met ...

Russian House celebrates "Yuri's Night"

Yuri's Night is part of a worldwide celebration to commemorate and celebrate manned spaceflight and space exploration, with April 12 marking the first flight of Cosmonaut and Hero of the Soviet

intergalactic planetary

UT professor says asteroid tracking system works, don't lose sleep over meteor

By Andrew Chung / KVUE News

KVUE -- While a meteor exploded over the skies of Chelyabinsk, Russia early Friday, a much bigger asteroid — 2012 DA14 — flew harmlessly by Earth Friday afternoon. The gia ...

Science FTW

UT Austin astronomers discover largest black hole in history with a mass of 17 billion suns

By Jonathan Rienstra

Astronomers at the University of Texas at Austin’s McDonald Observatory near Fort Davis have found what they believe may be the most massive black hole ever discovered, according to a report ...

the final frontier

Google's '100,000 Stars' project brings the stellar neighborhood closer to home

By Austin Sanders

Google recently released their latest science project, a galactic visualization simulator they call “100,000 Stars.” The web application developed by the search engine company’s r ...

Fall Frenzy

Top 10 things to do in November: Wurstfest, E.A.S.T. and Stargazing

By Shannon McGarvey

When the spooky of October subsides, November awaits with a laundry list of cold (and not so cold) weather activities. From the typical — Thanksgiving — to the atypical – stargazi ...

Sun Stoked

Did you miss it? The best Venus transit photos from around the world — and beyond

By Karen Burd

Millions of people watched Venus transit for the last time this century Tuesday evening. Did you miss it? ...

Age of Aquarius?

Watch Venus transit the sun: Once in a lifetime

By Sarah Rufca

The jury is still out on whether it's going to usher in the age of Aquarius, but the alignment of Earth, Venus and the sun is going to produce at least one cool effect. The transit of Venus ...

8 Results. Showing to
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Refine By:   Events (1)   Lists (0)   News (7)   Places (0)
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