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Whataburger Woes

Whataburger cuts breakfast hours due to egg shortage: No late-night taquitos for you

By Eric Sandler

It's late. 1 am. Maybe later. A combination of alcohol and an early dinner is fueling an insatiable hunger that must be sated to ensure slumber. Only one solution will do: The orange sign becko ...

Patience Please

No surprise here: Franklin Barbecue deemed one of 10 U.S. restaurants worth the wait in line

By Jennifer Chininis

If you've ever spent a long morning waiting in line for Franklin Barbecue, a new list from Yahoo Travel will resonate with you. According to the site, the famous East Austin barbecue joint is a ...

Couples cook: Breakfast in bed

Central Market

Martha Hopkins, author of the bestselling InterCourses: An aphrodisiac cookbook, will be teaching Breakfast in Bed at Central Market on N. Lamar in anticipation of Valentine's Day. The menu inc

Fad diets

Obesity epidemic's new felon: 8-Hour Diet blames breakfast for bigger waistlines

By Joel Luks

The arrival of the new year ushers pledges of self-improvement, better health habits and, of course, ambitious weight loss goals. Fad diets that promise dropping pounds by consuming only protein, s ...

weekend itinerary

Breakfast and a flick: The unsung hero of cinema combos

By Mark Killian

What’s so great about evening movies? The lines are longer, the tickets are pricier and the tweens are friskier. Your highly anticipated rom-com shouldn’t be ruined by lengthy waits, ex ...

Healthiest Meal of the Day

Why chocolate for breakfast helps you lose weight: A myth-shattering medical study

By Whitney Radley

Good news for chocoholics and those with a chronic sweet tooth: Despite all common sense indicating otherwise, recent research indicates that eating dessert for breakfast may ai ...

skip the sugar

More than just a balanced meal: Why it's important to start your kids' day with a healthy breakfast

By Jeffrey Kreisberg

Did you know that one in three children who graduate from elementary school are either overweight or obese? And, not surprisingly, many of these overweight graduates go on to become& ...

the trailer food diaries

Baby it's cold outside: Trailer food to recreate inside

By Tiffany Harelik

Recently I wrote an article about trailer food vendors that have opened brick and mortar restaurants. One of the entrepreneurs I highlighted was Jason Umlas of Lucky J’s Chicken and Waffles.& ...

Mi Madre's

Fast, cheap, big and tasty

2201 Manor Road
Austin, TX 78722

Juan in a Million

Everyone's friendliest breakfast spot on the East Side

2300 Cesar Chavez Street
Austin, TX 78702

13 Results. Showing to
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