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coming soon

Art Night Austin: Multi-venue fundraiser for public art champion Art Alliance Austin

By Shelley Seale

Art lovers, mark your calendars for Saturday, February 23: It's Art Night Austin, one of the city's most beloved high-energy, multi-venue events that showcases a diverse selection of art, m ...

Focus on the Arts

Keeping the arts alive: KLRU and CultureMap examine Austin's creative community

By Kevin Benz

How important is the creative class — artists, musicians, filmmakers and those who support them — to Austin? A recent study by the city suggests there are over four billion reasons the ...

Art as Theft

Austin's New York Times bestselling author Austin Kleon on how to Steal Like an Artist

By Beth Lebwohl

Wherever he goes, local artist and author Austin Kleon brings the party.  When I first meet him, it’s early evening in early June, and we head to 24 Diner. Kleon chats with ease, eat ...

Retrofuture DIY

I'm not steampunk but I know where to get it: Tailors and retailers of Clockwork Con 2012

By Justin Boyle

Clockwork Con kicked off on Friday morning and proceeded to shake its neo-Victorian moneymaker clear through three days and two nights of time-traveling airship pirates and tiny steam engines. Curr ...

looking beyond bars

Truth Be Told empowers incarcerated women through creativity, confidence and storytelling

By Samantha Pitchel

“You may not have been to prison, but our belief is that, at some time in everyone’s life, you imprison yourself in some way,” says Shannon Holtzendorf, Executive Director of non- ...

loving learning

mindPOP: Bringing the Creative Classroom to students across Austin

By Shelley Seale

This fall, Austin students welcomed a new arts program: the Creative Classroom. The pilot project was created with mindPOP, an exciting initiative committed to expanding creative learning ...

Hipstercrite says

Taking the plunge: Going from 9 to 5 to the freelance life

By Lauren Modery

I used to think that insomnia was for wimps. People who worried too much and didn't enjoy the finer things in life, like nightcaps. Then one day recently I decided to quit my 9 to 5 and bec ...

7 Results. Showing to
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Refine By:   Events (0)   Lists (0)   News (7)   Places (0)
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