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Hanging Around Austin

Hanging Around Austin: 5 shows that will blow your mind

By Justin Boyle

It makes sense that studies of humanity, death and beauty are on the menu this month, what with the vivid forces of life in Austin crawling out from under the sweaty thumb of another wearisome summ ...

Go-Kart Track Death

Questions linger in tragic go-kart track crash that left a 14-year-old Texas girl dead

By Claire St. Amant

A 14-year-old Flower Mound girl killed in a single-person go-kart crash outside Texas Motor Speedway was laid to rest in a private memorial service on Saturday. Kierstin Eaddy was an experienc ...

Skye McCole Bartusiak Remembered

Actress Skye McCole Bartusiak celebrated at Houston memorial service

By Clifford Pugh

As a performer, Skye McCole Bartusiak thrilled audiences in such films as The Patriot and television shows like 24. But on July 25, in the shadow of a large wreath in the shape of a pink ...

Stadium Deaths

Tragic death at Baylor's new $250 million football stadium leaves unanswered questions

By Tyler Rudick

One man is dead following a tragic construction accident on a pedestrian bridge leading to Baylor University's sparkling new $250 million football stadium, which is scheduled to open later this ...

TV News Death

Charismatic former Texas TV news anchor and Friday Night Lights bit player dies

By Tyler Rudick

Veteran broadcaster and former KHOU news anchor John Hambrick died in Round Rock after a year-long battle with lung cancer. He was 73. A Conroe native, Hambrick launched his long ...

Aquarium Under Protest

Austin Aquarium boycott group mobilizes in wake of animal death reports

By Chris Baldwin

The new Austin Aquarium is still months away from ever opening, but it's already being protested by local marine wildlife lovers. In the wake of reports of a horrific death log at the new A ...

New Aquarium Controversy

Owners of new Austin Aquarium linked to 200-plus animal deaths in Portland

By Chris Baldwin

A new Austin Aquarium already under construction is touting itself as the "Aquarium of the Future." But it's the owners past that is liable to raise a ton of questions and concerns. ...

Tragic Accident

Six Flags roller coaster death spurs safety investigation

By Claire St. Amant

Three days after a woman died while riding a roller coaster at Six Flags Over Texas in Arlington, there are more questions than answers. The woman was killed after falling out of her seat on the Te ...

Only in Texas

Texas jury acquits man who shot Craigslist escort after she refused sex

By Claire St. Amant

It's not every day that a small-town Texas trial garners attention on Gawker, but this is no ordinary crime. A jury in Bexar County, near San Antonio, has acquitted a man who admits to shooting ...


World-renowned pianist Van Cliburn dies at Fort Worth home

By Alex Bentley

Van Cliburn, the legendary pianist whose eponymous competition has been bringing world-class musicians to Fort Worth for more than 50 years, died on Wednesday. He was 78. Cliburn was born in Sh ...

24 Results. Showing to
Page 1 of 3
Refine By:   Events (0)   Lists (0)   News (24)   Places (0)

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