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The Dionysium: Science

Alamo Drafthouse - Village

Ring in the new year with a dynamic science centered show from the Dionysium. Lance Myers has challenged Dionysium favorite Dr. Eamon Healy to the debate of the century, plus a plethora of other sc

Nerd Nite Austin

The North Door

Nerd Nite is an informal gathering at which nerds gather together for nerdness of all sorts, but particularly presentations and drinking. Established in other cities the likes of New York

Drunken Spelling Bee

The Mohawk

You might have failed in the fourth grade, but now is your chance of redemption at the Drunken Spelling Bee. It's a good way to find out if liquor and beer either helps or hinders your spelling

dating advice

Sex and the Capital City: You booze, you lose? The perils of drinking and dating

By Mikela Floyd

Let’s be honest with ourselves — alcohol complicates things. For as many times as we’ve all imbibed in a much-needed margarita to unwind from a hard day at work, we’ve ...

cocktail culture

Sloshed by Southwest: A menu of Austin's most potent cocktails

By Mark Killian

What do SXSW attendees do when they’re not geeking out about the latest geolocation app, lining Congress for a Paramount premiere or checking the Twittersphere for Springsteen speculations? T ...

close trips

Taking in the Big Easy: Planning a quick girls getaway to New Orleans

By Leila Kalmbach

Sometimes you just need to get away from it all, and New Orleans is one of the best cities in the country to escape to. With the prevalent sounds of jazz and smells of Cajun cuisine filling the air ...

Plus Timeless Advice

Near failure: Austin places seventh on new drunkest cities in America list

By Tyler Rudick

Just in time for New Year's Eve, The Daily Beast released its list of drunkest cities in America — with Texas scoring three solid spots in the Top 25. Austin took seventh place, with ...

To your health

Drink up, everyone (except you, ladies): A toast helps heart health, but hurts breast health

By Jeffrey Kreisberg

People have been arguing about the benefits and consequences of booze for almost as long as we've been drinking the fermented beverage—just about 10,000 years, really. But depending on ho ...

festival fever

How The Highball changed the landscape of Fantastic Fest

By Brian Salisbury

Having attended Fantastic Fest since 2007, it's been amazing to see The Highball evolve. For the first few years, one of the biggest problems facing the fest was the lack of a convenient, on-si ...


Five tips for toobing like a grown-ass person

By Andrea Grimes

Toobing season is here, and with it, the smell of Banana Boat-basted skin, slow-roasting asphalt and fifty hot, muddy bodies crammed in an old school bus. Wait, what’s that? Your summer smell ...

10 Results. Showing to
Page 1 of 1
Refine By:   Events (3)   Lists (0)   News (7)   Places (0)

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