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Profanity at Its Greatest

The great Dom Hemingway shows off rude, crude and lewd Jude Law

By Alex Bentley

Jude Law has played a variety of roles in his career. Occasionally he’s ventured over to the dark side, but his appeal has mostly come from playing dapper and/or proper characters, as befitti ...

Atypical British Crime Movie

Director Richard Shepard aims for anti-Guy Ritchie movie with Dom Hemingway

By Alex Bentley

Some movies cause viewers to either love it or hate it, and writer/director Richard Shepard is proud to have made such a film with Dom Hemingway. The movie, which opens in Austin on April 18, ...

Flawed Football Film

Draft Day works as an ad for the NFL, but it's a bust for moviegoers

By Alex Bentley

The behemoth that is the National Football League has long extended its reach beyond the boundaries of its season. With offseason training, free agent signings and more, the league can never provid ...

2014 AFS Grant Workshop

Austin Film Society Screening Room

Since 1996, the Austin Film Society Grant has supported Texas filmmakers by giving out over $1.5 million in cash, goods and services to over 385 projects. The deadline for the 2014 cycle is June 2

Drama Through Animation

Austin-made animated short tackles human side of death penalty debate

By Alex Bentley

When most people think about animated short films, their minds usually go to pieces from Disney and other traditional animation studios. But the form of filmmaking can also be a way to talk abo ...

The Music and Films of Bob Schneider's Burden of Proof

Alamo Drafthouse - Ritz

In honor of his celebrated album, Burden of Proof, Bob Schneider commissioned thirteen directors to each make a short film based on one of the tracks. The combined result is an amazing and moving j

Indie Cinema

Indie horror film Meet Me There is keeping Austin cinema weird

By Ryan Lakich

One locally created indie film is looking to capture a national audience with its unique tone and back story. That film with a colorful background is Meet Me There, a hybrid flick of horror and sus ...

Cheaters Never Prosper

Breathe In brings nothing new to infidelity genre

By Alex Bentley

There have been so many different books, movies and television shows that explore illicit relationships between older men and younger women that the storyline could probably be considered its own g ...

Dobie Dreams

Can a new Dobie Theater thrive in Austin's entertainment scene?

By Ryan Lakich

The fate of an old Austin business isn't always doom and gloom. The most recent case in point is the tantalizing prospect of a shuttered local movie theater getting a second chance. No, we&rsqu ...

Movie Quirkiness at its Finest

Director Wes Anderson is at his wacky best with The Grand Budapest Hotel

By Alex Bentley

Even if you’ve never quite understood the appeal of his films, it’s hard to knock Wes Anderson for his dedication to the craft. He’s now made eight feature films, and thanks to hi ...

276 Results. Showing to
Page 1 of 28
Refine By:   Events (86)   Lists (0)   News (186)   Places (4)

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