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It's a Wrap

Starbucks adds new menu items that are convenient and healthy

By Teresa Gubbins

We may love Starbucks for its espresso beverages, hot and cold, but the coffee majordomo has another menu expansion that fits in with the modern-day healthy-eating trend. On March 31, the chai ...

The Farmer Diaries

Texas farmer sets sights on vegetables that promote healthy vision

By Marshall Hinsley

Ever since my retina detached last December and I underwent a vitrectomy, I've been focusing on how to better take care of my eyes. My first reaction to my condition was to examine my diet. But ...

the taiwanese edition

Light and fresh lunches: Tailor-made, wordly recipes from Congress' Chef de Cuisine

By Rebecca Meeker

Rebecca Meeker is the Chef de Cuisine of Congress, the only restaurant in Austin to receive five-stars from the Austin American Statesman. She has studied and worked in the finest establishmen ...

reversing obesity

The Wellgro Co. aims to bring real food back into our schools

By Shelley Seale

One in every three kids in America is overweight. One-third of those who were born in 2000 or later are expected to develop diabetes, while the percentage of children and adolescents in the U.S. wh ...

Good to the core

Fight the holiday bulge with these tips from fitness expert Ryan Nail

By Samantha Webster

During the holiday season there is one thing that always seems to spoil our holiday cheer: the dreaded muffin top, the adorably named pesky bulge that sneaks in to ruin newly purchased holiday dres ...

Grand Opening

Whole Foods Market expansion takes root: South stores open this month

By Kevin Benz

This week Whole Foods Market makes good on their promise to expand within their own backyard. Whole Foods Market - Hill Country Galleria will officially open to the public at 8 a.m. on We ...

Tardy for the Party

My belated New Year's Resolution: How The Clean Program tidied up my eating

By Megan Runser

Failing to heed Kim Zolciak’s “Don’t be Tardy for the Party” advice, I got a bit of a late start on my New Year’s Resolution for 2012. As hard as I tried to ...

Healthy Eating

A Snap Kitchen healthy eating update: 2012 is already looking bright

By Jessica Dupuy

We’re already three weeks into the new year, I can’t believe it. Especially having just completed the 21-day Snap Commit program kicked off by a full day of juicing through Snap Ki ...

Grocery heaven

Trader Joe's to Austin? Grocery analyst says six are possible in Whole Foods backyard

By John Egan

Trader Joe’s, a natural and organic foods rival of Austin-based Whole Foods Market, is about to invade Texas. A total of four locations already are in the works for the Dallas-Fort Worth and ...

healthy living

Upping the antioxidants: Making raw food accessible (and palatable) one "Beet" at a time

By Joelle Pearson

Beets Café doesn’t offer raw food. It offers “living food,” a term that more accurately captures how powerful this cuisine is. Just glance at Sylvia Heisey, who founded Bee ...

13 Results. Showing to
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Refine By:   Events (0)   Lists (0)   News (13)   Places (0)
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