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Christmas In October

Neiman Marcus Christmas Book fantasy gifts defy imagination — and budgets

By Heather Staible

If you’ve been naughty over the past year, now is a good time to start cleaning up your act. Neiman Marcus released the 2014 edition of its Christmas Book on Tuesday, and it’s ...

Surviving the In-Laws

Kiss or kill: 10 tips for surviving your in-laws during the holidays

By Samantha Webster

"I don't know what to say, except it's Christmas and we're all in misery." — Ellen Griswold, National Lampoon's Christmas Vacation 1. Get a game plan.  ...

Old New Year Russian Celebration

Russian House of Austin

Because Russians love the New Year holiday so much, they say "Hello!" to the new year on New Year's Eve and then say "Goodbye!" to the previous year on January 13. Bid farew

Russian Orthodox Christmas

Russian House of Austin

There is such a thing as Russian Christmas, it's just celebrated a little bit later than what you're used to. Enjoy live music, fortune telling, and a special dish of duck with apples as yo

Geeky Gifts

Our holiday gift guide: Best Austin shops and gift ideas for the geek in your life

By Ryan Lakich

Whether it’s a parent, sibling, significant other or roommate, everyone has one beloved geek in his or her life who makes it almost impossible to shop for. Lucky for you, we have some handy, ...

Stay Inside the F*cking Lines!

Stephen Colbert slams Ted Cruz's coloring book

By Jonathan Rienstra

Big presents in boxes are the tent poles of Christmas morning, but the stockings offer the most surprises. After all, what’s more exciting than getting a menagerie of dollar-store items mixed ...

Scoot Inn's Bad Santa Party

The Scoot Inn Bier Garten

Hosted by comedians Avery Moore and Jay Whitecotton, the Bad Santa Party is catered to those who want to get into the spirit of the season but in a way that's more fun than just watching chestn

Worst Holiday Gifts Ever

10 worst holiday gifts ever: Terrible presents to avoid this season

By Elizabeth Rhodes

The tradition of holiday gift-giving is meant to create wonderful, Norman Rockwell-esque memories that will last the recipient years. Unfortunately, that isn't always what happens. Do yours ...

Christmas Day Buffet at TRIO


Make a reservation with friends and family to enjoy a bountiful buffet at TRIO for Christmas Day, with a special menu featuring gingerbread pancakes, egg white frittata, maple-cured salmon, duck co

Christmas Day at Russian House

Russian House of Austin

Russian House will be open on Christmas Day for all of their friends to enjoy a feast with Russian House's regular menu plus a special Christmas addition of glazed ham and both apple and cherry

83 Results. Showing to
Page 1 of 9
Refine By:   Events (30)   Lists (0)   News (53)   Places (0)

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