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The Student Union at the New Movement

The New Movement Theater

Every Thursday night, the students get to take over the New Movement to prove that when they last left you they were but the learners — now they are the masters. Led by the TNM Student Counci

TNM4: All-Star Marathon

The New Movement Theater

The week-long celebration of The New Movement's 4-year anniversary will culminate with one final night of laughs, fun and drinks galore. The best improv comedy troupes of TNM Austin will highli

Fringe theater, frontera and center

FronteraFest celebrates 20 years of theatre from the edge with new works and past stars

By Austin Sanders

FronteraFest, Austin's long running fringe theater festival returns Tuesday night, and it will be celebrating quite a milestone throughout its usual five week run. This year marks the 20th anni ...

Upright Citizens Brigade Touring Company

Red 7

The UCBTourCo show lasts about 90 minutes and consists of two hilarious halves of the freshest longform improv the nation has to offer. The TourCo cast is hand-picked from the best improv come

festival fever

Interview with 30 Rock's Adsit and Lutz on dropping comedy bombs at Out of Bounds

By Erica Lies

After six seasons on the air, Scott Adsit and John Lutz are easily recognizable for their roles on 30 Rock as Pete Hornberger and J.D. Lutz, Liz's Lemon's reliable, put-upon producer buddy ...

Out of Bounds Comedy

"I just make a big mess": Jill Bernard brings her joyful one-woman improv to Out of Bounds

By Ben Masten

Improv comedian Jill Bernard has logged a lot of hours on stage as an improviser, and probably even more hours on the road. She now has friends in theaters all over the country, the result of a car ...

Out of Bounds Comedy

Play with your food: Paul Qui telling chef stories at Out of Bounds' Stool Pigeon

By Michael Graupmann

Austin celebrity chef Paul Qui has been all over the map this year. Since winning Bravo's latest season of Top Chef, the loveable James Beard Award winner has been traveling the world, gain ...

Festival Fever

Comedy Apocalypse: Out of Bounds Festival set to detonate downtown with laughter

By Michael Graupmann

The Mayan calendar ends on December 21 of this year, which means we may not be alive to see 2013. No reason to cry about spilt apocalypse, so why not laugh about it instead? That's the phil ...

Manhattan Stories: Improv in the style of Woody Allen

The Hideout Theatre

Join The Award-Winning Hideout Theatre and their talented improvisers for the summer debut of Manhattan Stories: Improv in the Style of Woody Allen. Celebrating his forty plus years of film-making,

This American LIVE!

The Institution Theater

THIS AMERICAN LIVE shares much with the well-known NPR show from which it takes its name: the format, the tone, and most importantly, the enthusiasm for personal stories. However, the Live theatric

40 Results. Showing to
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Refine By:   Events (24)   Lists (0)   News (16)   Places (0)
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