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Paramount Theatre presents Boats

Stateside at the Paramount

In this play about two mariners escaping their pasts and embracing adventure, puppets, acrobatics, singing and live sound effects come together for a unique performance about adventure on the high

Everybody Loves Boobs

The Vortex

Everybody Loves Boobs is a live stage production celebrating women and their breasts. The cabaret-style, multimedia, dramatic comedy explores the form and function of breasts with sp


FronteraFest's Wild Card Night serves up a delightfully ecclectic mix

By Dawn Youngs

FronteraFest's Short Fringe, a product of Hyde Park Theater and Scriptworks, runs a bit like a sports tournament. Each night there is a winner, and each week the five winners perform in the Bes ...

Theater Scene

Why the Rude Mechs thrive in Austin's risk-taking new work community

By Dawn Youngs

This week, Rude Mechs is showing their newest exploration, CL1000P (working title), to sold out houses of Austin theatergoers who will then have a hand in the play's development. After each sho ...

FronteraFest Long Fringe: Southern Fried Chickie

Salvage Vanguard Theater

Written and performed by Christy McBrayer, “Southern Fried Chickie” is a semi-autobiographical one-woman play (her preferred term) about a struggling actress returning from Hol

Rude Mechanicals present: CL 1000P Round 2

The Off Center

CL1000P is an interactive puzzle for the stage inspired by alternative reality games and the imaginary world built by the Brontës. This sneak peek workshop production from Rude Mechs will

The Gordons

The Hideout Theatre

Five soldiers, The Gordons, find themselves stranded on a deserted island. It is a comedy. It is a one act. It is a once-in-a-lifetime theatrical experience. Written & directed by Addi

performance party

You're invited: Austin artist Annie La Ganga throws her own Surprise performance party

By Michael Graupmann

Writer/artist/performer Annie La Ganga has made quite a name for herself in Austin as a fearless and beloved over-sharer. In last Februrary's FronteraFest Long Fringe piece, Let's Make ...

Rubber Repertory presents: Surprise Annie

She's a writer, a stand-up comic, a spoken word artist, an improvisational monologist, and one of Austin's all-time favorite performers. So Rubber Repertory decided to throw her a series of

Shrewd Productions presents: MilkMilkLemonade

The Hideout Theatre

Meet Emory, an 11-year-old boy who lives on a farm with his chain-smoking Nanna and his only friend, a giant chicken named Linda. Linda wishes she could pursue a career as a stand-up comedian i

21 Results. Showing to
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Refine By:   Events (15)   Lists (0)   News (6)   Places (0)
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