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Micklethwait Craft Meats

Premium craft meats, up there with the best

1308 Rosewood Ave.
Austin, TX 78702

Barbecue As Religion

BBQ snob Daniel Vaughn's Prophets of Smoked Meat journeys through 200 Texas hotspots

By Teresa Gubbins

Score one for Texas, with the publication of The Prophets of Smoked Meat: A Journey Through Texas Barbecue (Ecco, $29.99), a book about barbecue written by Dallas resident and blogger Daniel Vaughn ...

A Spoonful of Salt & Time

Salt & Time talks the new brick-and-mortar shop and roots of butchery

By Layne Lynch

For several years, Salt & Time has sold their charcuterie, salami and bacon selections exclusively at farmers markets around town. In early February, the artisanal company finally opened its lo ...

Pitmaster news

The rebirth of a Texas barbecue legend: John Mueller Meat Co. goes to Sixth and Pedernales

By Adam Sparks

Texas loves two things: barbecue and rebels. John Mueller has the market cornered on both. It's the second comeback saga for John Mueller, marked by the sell-out grand opening of John Mueller M ...

Health lowdown

New studies say what not to eat: Cut out sugary sodas, red meat and reduce heart disease

By Whitney Radley

We know, we know. Every time you turn around, health researchers point to a facet of your diet that you should cut out or add in for improved health. With so many differing results, it sometimes se ...

Vegging Out

Breastfeeding, sexy cheese & weight loss: Challenging the vegan food myths

By Joel Luks

When it comes to nutrition and health — like politics — everyone is an expert and willing to share his or her opinion. I've noticed the same questions, comments and assertions pop u ...

a hurt so good

Pleasure, Pain and Existentialism: Desert Blend Jerky's Habanero Beef Jerky

By Jonathan Gill

There I was in my kitchen, staring a transparent plastic container full of walnuts. Staring and thinking about it in an existential sense. The simple group of nested objects was a remarkabl ...

7 Results. Showing to
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Refine By:   Events (0)   Lists (0)   News (6)   Places (1)
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