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Indie Star Showcase

Digging for Fire's story is no match for its high-wattage actors

By Alex Bentley

Writer/director Joe Swanberg is a filmmaking junkie, having made nearly 20 feature-length films since 2005. But it hasn’t been until the past few years, starting with 2013’s Drinking Bu ...


American Ultra blunts perfectly good stoner humor with too much violence

By Alex Bentley

One of the more annoying movie trends has been to slap the word “American” on the front of titles. Just in recent years we've seen American Sniper, American Hustle and, simply, ...

Express Yourself

Electrifying Straight Outta Compton documents historic rise of N.W.A.

By Alex Bentley

The impact that the rap group N.W.A. —  and its two most famous members, Ice Cube and Dr. Dre — has had on American pop culture is undeniable. Ice Cube is a multi-hyphenate phenome ...

Comic Book Dud

Rebooted Fantastic Four can't get out of its own way

By Alex Bentley

Since audiences around the world have shown to have a seemingly never-ending appetite for comic book movies, studios feel free to serve up reboots time and again. The latest reincarnation to hit th ...

Baa Baa Shaun Sheep

Shaun the Sheep Movie is a charming, quick-witted winner

By Alex Bentley

Of all the animated art forms, stop motion animation is by far the most labor intensive, so much so that it’s a wonder that anybody even attempts it in this day and age. And yet the team at U ...

Another Boxing Failure

Even Jake Gyllenhaal can't make a winner out of Southpaw

By Alex Bentley

Aside from a couple of clunkers in 2010 — cough, Prince of Persia, cough, Love & Other Drugs — Jake Gyllenhaal has been on quite a roll since earning his first Oscar nomin ...

Cute Only Goes So Far

Minions are as cute as ever but quickly lose their charm in new movie

By Alex Bentley

The best part of the Despicable Me series has arguably been the minions, the little yellow henchman of the villain Gru who desperately want to help but always seem to hinder instead. When their rol ...

Essential Music Documentary

Powerful Amy Winehouse documentary exposes the ugly reality of celebrity

By Alex Bentley

The paradox of celebrities in the modern age is that even as they reveal more and more of themselves on Twitter, Instagram and the like, they can still be as unknowable as ever. This is readily app ...

The Terminator is Back

Terminator Genisys restores good name of Schwarzenegger and famous franchise

By Alex Bentley

The Terminator series makes no real sense, plotwise. The entire thing is built on the idea of John Connor, a military leader in the future, sending a soldier, Kyle Reese, back in time to protect hi ...

So Bad It's Laughable

Big Game proves bad action movie cliches never go out of style

By Alex Bentley

If we movie lovers are honest with ourselves, there are many times when our favorite memories involve films that are pretty dumb, especially when it comes to 1980s action movies. Most of them ...

147 Results. Showing to
Page 1 of 15
Refine By:   Events (0)   Lists (0)   News (147)   Places (0)
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