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Won't You Be My Neighbor?

Locals needed for hip, new reality series filming in Austin

By Nicole Raney

Looking for a new place to live? Don't mind being followed around by cameras 24/7? You might be the perfect candidate for a new reality television show filming in Austin. Love Productions U ...

Best New Restaurant

Secret diners dish on going undercover at Austin restaurants for Bravo's newest show

By Eric Sandler

Two popular Houston bloggers will be featured on the upcoming reality show Best New Restaurant. When the show debuts on Bravo January 21 at 9 pm, look for Shanna Jones and Felice Sloan, the dynamic ...

Be the Next Reality TV Star

American Idol wants you for upcoming auditions at Frank Erwin Center

By Ryan Lakich

If you’re an aspiring singer living in Austin, you’ve already spent plenty of late nights performing at bars and open mics just to get your name out there. But if you think you have the ...

Keeping It Real

Austin's own Jellifi answered the call for MTV's True Life

By Ryan Lakich

In December 2012, CultureMap came across an interesting Craigslist ad for the Austin area. It was a casting call for a little show on MTV called True Life, a documentary series covering a new subje ...

Here Come the Waterworks

Emotional Sean Lowe breaks down in tear-jerking twist of a Bachelor finale

By Jennifer Chininis

I have to hand it to ABC. The producers have an incredible knack for dragging out The Bachelor in the most interminable way. You thought two-hour episodes were bad? How about a three-hour finale? ...

Lady Killers

Who slings the most mud at Sean Lowe? Take our Bachelor women-tell-all quiz and find out!

By Jennifer Chininis

Yes, it’s true. Even the women-tell-all episode of The Bachelor is two hours long. First we have to travel with Sean and host Chris Harrison as they crash Bachelor-watching parties. Not s ...

Can't Control Love

Sean Lowe does the unthinkable when The Bachelor heads to Thailand

By Jennifer Chininis

Oh these two-hour shows. How many times must we hear Lindsay say amazing? Or that she’s scared to tell Sean she loves him? Or what about AshLee and her fear of abandonment? Note to produc ...

Survivor Summary

This week on Survivor: The battle of the “bulge” rages at Tribal Council

By Ryan Lakich

There are a lot of elements that can turn a season of Survivor into a “great” season, but the one guarantee for an “entertaining” season is the presence of a crazy contestan ...

Decisions, decisions

Who needs Tierra? Hometown dates stir up plenty of trouble on The Bachelor

By Jennifer Chininis

Is anyone else thinking that maybe Tierra wasn’t the crazy one? The girl who says “I love you” first — to a guy who’s dating other women, BTW — has to be missing ...

The Oprah edition

Top Chef Seattle gets all touchy-feely heading into finale

By Teresa Gubbins

With only three contestants left, episode 15 of Top Chef Seattle is a slow-moving beast that delves deeply into the personal lives, motivations and dreams of its remaining chefs. It's everythin ...

65 Results. Showing to
Page 1 of 7
Refine By:   Events (1)   Lists (0)   News (64)   Places (0)
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