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waste management

Tossing the old TV: Surprisingly hard to do in a non-toxic way

By Melissa Gaskill

Do you have an old TV you want to recycle? Despite legislation aimed at keeping toxic materials out of landfills, you might have a hard time doing so. Texas Campaign for the Environment F ...

First come, first-served

Free bags for Austin: HEB celebrates Earth Day

By Barbara Kuntz

A Texas-grown supermarket chain is helping to create a greener world in a Texas-sized fashion. Employees at every H-E-B store throughout the Lone Star State, including the Austin locations, are ...

Fab Find

Florence and the Machine and Spike Lee help Kiehl's celebrate Earth Day with special beauty product

By Whitney Radley

Kiehl's is known for a long history of high-quality hair and skin products and a solid commitment to naturally-derived ingredients. This month, in celebration of Earth Day,& ...

clean up

Are you throwing away useful stuff? Cut down on waste by reducing and re-using

By Melissa Gaskill

For decades, we’ve heard the mantra “Reduce, Reuse, Recycle.” In practice, we often focus mostly on recycling, which actually represents the least effective way to solve our growi ...

clean living

Turn your trash into dirt, with home composting help from Zero Waste

By Melissa Gaskill

Nearly half of what we throw in our trash cans could be composted, according to Daniela Ochoa Gonzalez, a planner with Austin’s Resource Recovery department. Instead of going to the landfill, ...

recycled fashion

Super Bowl of Style: Swap fashions at the Butterfly Bar during Sunday's big game

By Shelley Seale

Don't know or care who is playing in that big football game today? Get your fine, fashionable self over to The Butterfly Bar, at the Vortex Theater in East Austin.  Starting at 5 p.m. ...

What to recycle and where

Never know what to recycle when faced with the big blue bin? Check out this list and help Austin move closer to its Zero Waste goal

By Melissa Gaskill

I suspect many of you have found yourselves standing in front of your blue city recycling cart, item in hand, wondering whether to toss it in or take it to the trash. Slick paper. Pizza boxes. Plas ...

clean up

A less trashy Austin: Zero Waste program reduces what goes into our landfills

By Melissa Gaskill

We modern Americans create a lot of waste — by contrast, our ancestors left behind very little.  Nearly every scrap of food was eaten, if not by humans then by their animals, and the ...

greener planet

Don't toss it, mulch it: Austin Christmas tree recycling programs begin now

By Caitlin M. Ryan

Wait, hang onto that tree! As the holiday season winds down and the amount of trash rises, Austin is hoping to divert some of its holiday waste away from local landfills. Beginning immedia ...

recycled creativity

Austin Creative Reuse: Where your imagination can go wild

By Lauren Modery

While checking out the East Austin Studio Tour, I happened to stumble across a photo exhibit of DIY projects featuring recycled items. One snapshot showed a tire placed in the ground and used as a ...

10 Results. Showing to
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Refine By:   Events (0)   Lists (0)   News (10)   Places (0)
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