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BedPost Confessions

For the first time, BedPost Confessions will perform at its new home right in the middle of downtown at the new event hall, Ironwood.  BedPost Confessions provides a positive environment t

It's a Match! singles survey reveals surprising dating insights on selfies and sex

By Diana Oates

Dallas-based released its fourth annual singles survey, and boy is it thorough. With data from more than 5,000 U.S. singles, chief scientific advisor Dr. Helen Fisher covered everything y ...

Emotional Hardbody Answers

My best friend’s boyfriend bought her a gift she’ll hate. Should I tell him?

By Christina Pesoli

Dear Emotional Hardbody, My best friend, Veronica, has a new boyfriend, James. The two of them are head over heels about each other. James seems like a really nice guy, and this relationship co ...

Dating Game, Set, Match

Charades gets flirty on your phone with new dating app

By Jonathan Rienstra

It’s more common than ever to find a companion online. But a new free, Texas-based dating app hopes to make the process even more personal for by turning the flirting process into a mobile ch ...

The Perils of Cohabitation

Sex and the Capital City: 5 things my boyfriend has learned about me since moving in

By Mikela Floyd

It has been one month since cohabitation with the boyfriend began, and I’m happy to report that things are going well. Of course, there are growing pains — kitchenware chief among them ...

Relationship Talk

Sex and the Capital City: Ex marks the spot

By Mikela Floyd

Ah, exes. What’s that saying about opinions? They’re like a--holes. Everyone’s got ’em. Well, exes aren’t much different. Some have a handful. Some have enough to fill ...

Sex and the Capital City

Lean on me: The power of a supportive partner in the face of life's significant detours

By Mikela Floyd

I hope you don’t mind a heavy hitter, because I’ve had a rough couple of weeks in my personal life. After years of illness (and weeks of health that toggled from decent to dire), my ...

Terminal Trysts

Dating site livens up layovers for lonely travelers

By Jonathan Rienstra

It’s hard to meet Mr. or Ms. Right. But have you ever thought about looking at the airport? Someone has, apparently, because niche dating site is a thing. The obvious ...

BedPost Confessions

The North Door

BedPost Confessions provides a positive environment to discuss sex through readings and performances of stories and discussions, portraying sex in all lights from good to bad. The audience is also

To write or not to write?

Sex and the Capital City: The question of documenting one's relationship online

By Mikela Floyd

Internet, it’s confession time. Many thought it would never happen: that my endless stream of bad dates would in fact never actually end, my freezer would be forever stocked with Lean Cuisine ...

67 Results. Showing to
Page 1 of 7
Refine By:   Events (2)   Lists (0)   News (65)   Places (0)

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