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Man Want Yogurt

Central Market now sells boneheaded yogurt marketed to manly men

By Teresa Gubbins

Everyone knows that yogurt is "girl" food. What man in his right mind would mince down the dairy aisle to pick up one of those teensy cartons with all the fruit and flowers all over it? ...

Give Peas a Chance

Growing Austin startup dishes out world flavors with crunchy snacks

By Meredith Bethune

Former international finance lawyer and world traveler Anish Sheth has lived in locales as exotic as Hong Kong. Inspired by the tastes he encountered on his worldly adventures, in 2011, he founded ...

Snack News

A totally scientific potato chip taste test to determine the best new $1 million flavor from Lay's

By Jonathan Rienstra

Lay’s potato chips released three new flavors on February 12 as part of its “Do Us A Flavor” campaign to let the American public decide which one will join already established fla ...

Watch out, Joe-Joe

Addictive cookie butter tops the list of most popular Trader Joe's products of 2012

By Teresa Gubbins

Trader Joe's has only recently opened in Texas, but one tradition that precedes the discount gourmet grocer's arrival is its annual listing of its most popular, best-selling products. T ...

Royal Blue Grocery

Charming downtown market

609 Congress Ave
Austin, TX None

health matters

Why junk food in school must go: The effect of state laws on childhood obesity

By Jeffrey Kreisberg

Since 1980, childhood obesity has tripled in the U.S., and in Texas, over 30 percent of children are either overweight or obese. If something is done soon, our kids will be doomed to a shorter life ...

staying in

We love Couch Potato Austin’s convenience store-to-your-door delivery

By Samantha Pitchel

Whether from working too hard or getting too wasted, it’s happened to all of us: A snack attack hits, and we can’t make it out to the store. Never fear, because delivery service Cou ...

7 Results. Showing to
Page 1 of 1
Refine By:   Events (0)   Lists (0)   News (6)   Places (1)
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